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First Muddy Trip of 2024

On January 12 it was very mild and I was able to make a dash to the forest. I didn’t really have a plan for my hike, except that I was going to hike in my denim short-shorts and try to get some video of some kind of outdoor adventure. I had lots of rope, … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Swamp Bound

The fact that I’m posting a second clip in my white, denim-style short-shorts is pure coincidence. I really thought I had already published this one, but I hadn’t even edited it. Editing took longer than I expected, so it still took me another 2 days to get this one into my clip store. This is … Continue reading »

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New Clip: White Shorts Ruined

Back on August 13, when I had my camera guy with me, I did another slog through the black swamp mud. This time I wore tight, white, jean-style, short-shorts and my black crop-top. I love those shorts. It was nearly impossible to get them mostly white, again, after this muddy saga. I tried to include … Continue reading »

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Locating Mud (free video)

John Marsh went out exploring the forest, again on September 17. Here is a short video from his expedition. People often ask me how I find good places to sink. This video gives you a clue (like other exploring videos I’ve posted in the past). You can’t tell where you’re going to be able to … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Crossing the Bog

Crossing the Man-Eating Bog, to be more specific. This is a struggling clip in which I am wearing a cropped white t-shirt and super short jean shorts. I don’t get totally immersed, but I do slog through some deep mud. I had my friend with me when I shot this, so the camera follows the … Continue reading »

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Navigating the Jungle

Today I went into the Croatan National Forest for a hike, and also to explore some swampy areas that could provide places for future videos. They are surrounded by poison ivy, but there is a small stream for cleanup, so maybe I can avoid the poison ivy enough that a prompt rinse in the creek … Continue reading »

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Brief Excursion

The low tides have been shamefully inadequate, this week. Today looked like I could find some mud if I was creative and timed it just right. I did what I could and I shot some video. I even managed to do my first total immersion scene of 2023 (unless you could my polar plunge dive … Continue reading »

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Late Winter Update

The weather is warming up; maybe a bit faster than it should be. I went out kayaking, today. I was hoping to catch a low tide and explore some more of my swamp. The wind really screwed with the tides, so I mostly spent my time exploring. Sometimes I get lucky and I find a … Continue reading »

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XXX Vlog Entry

I don’t have much time to write tonight, either. I’ve been going pretty much non-stop all day and I need to get to some other things before I crash. Tomorrow will be another busy day, although I won’t be able to visit the swamp again for a few days, at least. On the 23rd (Saturday), … Continue reading »

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Mud Pit 2022: First Contact

It was really warm on Friday, so I went out to inspect the mud pit. I discovered that it’s going to need some real work before it will be usable for mud baths. I made a short video that sucks pretty bad, but I’m going to post it, anyway, for those of you who enjoy … Continue reading »

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Catching Up

A lot has happened since my last blog post. I’ve done some work on the backyard mud pit and I’ve made two trips into the swamp (5/23 and 5/24). I am exhausted and I have a lot of video to edit. I’m not in a hurry to post all of my new video because sales … Continue reading »

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Expedition Video

The video from yesterday’s expedition is now on PornHub. It is free to stream. See my previous post for details and still images. p.s. This video doesn’t qualify as porn, by any stretch, but my YouTube account was deleted for posting similar videos in the past. This is why I don’t support activists who want … Continue reading »

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Expedition in Jean Cut-offs

The legs on my old jeans were falling apart, so I cut them off and did some tailoring to make some perfect fitting cut-offs. I love them and I just had to wear them on an expedition. I went out at low tide, this morning, but I knew I was being optimistic. The low tide … Continue reading »

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Returning to the Swamp

I remembered to take my GoPro with me today, so I was able to shoot some behind the scenes stuff along the way. I edited it all down to 2.5 minutes (which is never easy, BTW) so I could offer it here for free.

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