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New Clip: Messy Self Bondage

When I went out this past Monday, as I mentioned in my blog, I went somewhere where I could tie myself to a tree. I was very horny, and I played for nearly an hour. Even though I edited out all of the tying and retying, and the bits that weren’t that interesting, I still … Continue reading »

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Why I Don’t Make TikTok Videos

I shot this in vertical format to see what I might be able to make out of it. This is just embarrassing. Update: This is an example of the rule that, just because you recorded something, doesn’t mean you need to publish it.

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Trip Report, Sept 19

It was a beautiful, almost fall-like day. The morning was cool but it warmed up fast once the sun got some distance from the horizon. I went out at 10:00am, and I was a little early, but the high tide had been rather anemic, so my peat bog was pretty well drained. I chose the … Continue reading »

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The Longest Vlog

This vlog entry is way too long. I encoded it as a very low resolution/quality and the file is still too large. However, I didn’t really shoot anything for sale, so I wanted to assemble some of everything into a video so I could, at least, share some highlights from my trip into the swamp, … Continue reading »

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