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Navigating the Jungle

Today I went into the Croatan National Forest for a hike, and also to explore some swampy areas that could provide places for future videos. They are surrounded by poison ivy, but there is a small stream for cleanup, so maybe I can avoid the poison ivy enough that a prompt rinse in the creek … Continue reading »

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Another Vlog; in Latex

I went out to the swamp, today. It was another tepid low tide, but I went to a spot that doesn’t require that the tide be really low, and I got there early enough that I had at least an hour to play around. I didn’t actually record much on my cameras. I did record … Continue reading »

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New Mud Pit Bondage Clip

In this clip, I am hogtied in the mud pit before the pit has been completely filled. My wrists and ankles are tied behind my back. That leaves me in a depression with no way to climb out. I roll around so I can get really muddy and slowly work myself deeper into the black … Continue reading »

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A Very Short Vlog Entry

This is just to give you a better idea of what went down (and what came back up) on May 6, 2023. Viewer discretion is advised, and this is NSFW. 🙂 (Yet another fan has taken advantage of my trusting nature, so this scene will never be released to the public. I suppose I could … Continue reading »

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Wasted Precious Time

I took a guest into the swamp with me with whom I’ve had lengthy discussions, first on Twitter, then on the phone, and finally in person. He was a gay man who enjoys full body latex, so we have little in common except a love for mud. In our early negotiations, before I gave him … Continue reading »

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