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Clay Pit Bondage Clip

I’m going to post this to my male bondage blog because it is really a bondage clip. However, I haven’t had anything to add to my muddy clip store in a while and I need to update it as often as I can. I already posted a bunch of still images from this misadventure, so … Continue reading »

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Clay Pit Reopening

Sunday, March 28, was a good day to open up the clay pit. I set up some block and placed a pole across the pit, using the stacks of block to elevate it. I set up some cameras and stripped down to some tiny, black jean-shorts. I’m just going to let the pictures speak for … Continue reading »

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New Winter Mud Clip

The clip from yesterday’s excursion is now available in my clip store. Check my previous post for more details on the trip. In the new clip, I am wearing black leather short-shorts and a cropped white t-shirt. I only sink up to my crotch because it was a little too chilly for a cold water … Continue reading »

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Early Season Swamp Visit

It was about 13C (55F) today with a chilling breeze. I really didn’t plan to get muddy, but I wanted to get out on the water for a paddle, at least. The fact that the tide was low just meant I would be able to visually inspect some of my favorite spots along the way. … Continue reading »

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