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First of Summer Update

Today is the first day of summer. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the wilderness; although not so much in the swamp, since the tides have been unworkable for mud. I still have a few videos to edit and release, but I haven’t been editing much. It’s easier for me to shoot because … Continue reading »

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New Self Bondage Clip

I recorded this very messy self-tie struggle in the peat swamp on June 14. I recorded the tying and untying bits, as well as the part where I was partially suspended, head down, in the muck, using my breathing tube to breathe. It was a short scene, but the struggle was real and hanging over … Continue reading »

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Perilous Peat Swamp

Yesterday (2023-06-14), I took advantage of a mediocre low tide and ventured into the peat swamp where I hoped the tide would be low enough for some perilous bondage play. I got some great alligator video. Usually, the gators don’t let me get video of them, and I don’t always have my camera at hand. … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Latex Briefs, head first

More specifically, “Black Latex Briefs in the Swamp”. It does, however, have a great inversion scene with the breathing tube, so I could stay under for a while. You can find more about this trip and a longer preview here. Click this link to purchase the full length video: Black Latex Briefs in the Swamp, … Continue reading »

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Still Exploring

I’m still in search of some good quicksand drama locations that are at a higher elevation from my salt marsh locations. These locations are still under water at high tide levels, but they don’t need a low tide to be exposed … just a not high tide. Some of these locations do have potential. There … Continue reading »

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