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New Stuck Clip

I haven’t released a “stuck” clip in a while, so I decided to edit this one from my most recent trip on November 20. There isn’t much to say about it. I set out in tight black jeans to cross some innocent looking mud, but I get bogged down, my legs get stuck in the … Continue reading »

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The Final Vlog of 2022

It was a pretty cold November day, today, but the tide was really low and I was in the mood to torture myself by standing, naked and wet, in the swamp at 45F (7C) temperatures. I think I recorded a pretty decent “stuck” video, if I ever get it edited. For now, here is a … Continue reading »

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New Swamp Bondage Clip & Bridge Building

I edited this clip some time ago, but I didn’t finish the promotional materials or add it to my clip store, for some reason. Shooting this clip was almost an afterthought. I was leaving the swamp after attempting to build a bridge that did not work out. I edited this 7 minute vlog so you … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Rear Views

A Rear View from the Swamp is for people who enjoy butt shots. It includes some slogging, sinking, and struggling, but it’s definitely not a deep sinking video. It has no full immersions, and it is limited on crotch shots. I started editing a vlog entry from this trip, but it never got finished; I … Continue reading »

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Social Media

Twitter is looking like a dumpster fire these days, so I’ve been investigating Mastodon. I set up an account to evaluate it (I’m still on Twitter as @mudbondage, and I’m still checking it on a semi-regular basis, for now). Mastodon is a distributed system and anyone can set up a server. I’m actually thinking of … Continue reading »

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