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Video Blog Entry

It took me some time to edit this, because I underestimated just how bad the audio pickup would be from my GoPro. I had to add sub-titles so you could understand what I was saying. I couldn’t just throw away the clip, because those wet jeans fit me so well. (there is a download link … Continue reading »

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First Clip from the New Spot

This is the first of 2 sinks, plus the video I shot while I was slogging around after the sink. The sink goes pretty fast. I fall in and disappear in under 2 minutes. I know, that’s too fast, but I didn’t time it, while I was doing it. Sometimes drowning in quickmud doesn’t go … Continue reading »

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Exploring, Day 2

On Sunday, April 27, I ventured out to Hunter’s Creek, alone. I went out several hours before low tide, so I put in several miles upstream from the mud spot and paddled further upstream, just beyond a beaver dam. The scenery above the beaver dam was spectacular, and the wildlife was abundant. I got out … Continue reading »

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I was out paddling on Hunters Creek, yesterday, with a group of paddlers, when I stumbled upon the scene pictured here. The mud probably isn’t very deep, and it may be full of timber, but it looks like a treacherous swamp scene. I’m pretty sure I will have to check it out, soon. I’m entertaining … Continue reading »

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Old Photos

I stumbled across these photos from back in the mid 90’s. I used to wear these shorts to the mall when I was in my 20s. These images are scanned from prints; sorry about the dust. I took these photos on film with my 35mm camera. I had to pre-focus the camera and use a … Continue reading »

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By Special Request

Someone asked me, more than a month ago, if I could pee in my jeans for a video. It didn’t sound like much to ask, so I said I’d do it. Then I started thinking of a scenario where I might have to pee in my jeans and I landed on the idea of being … Continue reading »

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Tarzan Goes Under (new clip)

I just released the Tarzan clip. It’s a 9 minute clip. I’m wearing my leather, lace-up thong, I fall into quickmud and it’s not long before I drown. That all takes about 6 minutes. After that, I climb out and clean up in the creek. Enjoy! Here is a link: Tarzan Goes Under

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Three consecutive days of mud

I don’t even know where to start. You probably saw my previous post from Friday’s adventure. I tried again on Saturday, but this time I took my professional audio gear to deal with the wind. Saturday was a rough trip; my toes got so cold in the mud that they were pins-and-needles for at least … Continue reading »

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Follow Cam

I had an idea for a mud clip. I would chain my ankles and try to escape the swamp, again. In order to give myself a competitive advantage, I decided to wear running shorts. Of course, this would be a test of the follow-me camera rig. When using the follow-me rig, I need to record … Continue reading »

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A New Camera Operator

I was finally able to coordinate a trip with a friend of mine who has offered to operate a camera for me on a mud shoot. I wanted to do a Tarzan themed video in the woods, so I put on my lace-up, leather thong and we went to the peat swamp. Since this was … Continue reading »

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Weekend in the Forest

In case you all think that I can’t leave the house without getting muddy, I thought I’d share some “action shots” from this past weekend in the national forest. I was with a small group, but most of them were out on the trails when I set up my GoPro to get some video clips. … Continue reading »

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April 1 Foolish Mud

Low tide was just 1 hour before sunset, and the temperature was already dropping when I put my boat in the water. However, it was April Fools Day, and I am a fool for mud. I took some warm clothes, in case I got chilled by the cold water. The tide was still going out … Continue reading »

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