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Trip Notes from May 30

Notes, pictures, video … whatever. I didn’t have a very good low tide on May 30, but I had been wearing latex briefs all day and it was hot. That means the inside of my briefs was very wet and slippery and it was making me horny. I figured, if I couldn’t find any deep … Continue reading »

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The Other Video

The next clip I release will be all the good shots I got on May 25 that I did not use in the diving clip, the quicksand clip, or another free clip I shared on my other blog that features a little CBT I did in the mud when I was getting ready to make … Continue reading »

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New Quicksand Clip

Help! I’m in Quicksand is now available to purchase. This “quicksand” clip … more accurately “quickmud” … features a unique performance in which I struggle to stay afloat and call out for help. Of course, help does not arrive and I am eventually exhausted by my struggles and I succumb to the sucking mud. The … Continue reading »

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Excursion into the Swamp, and new clip

I published a new clip, this morning, that was based on a special/custom request from a fan. He purchased the latex and asked me to do some head-first shots, including some with a breathing tube and some dives. It was a cool day, so I could only return to the water and clean up about … Continue reading »

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New Clip from April 25

This clip is from April 25, 2022, after I sunned myself for a while in my black PVC shorts. The tide was coming in, so it’s a very short sink (about 3.5 minutes), followed by 3 minutes of cleanup video. As far a sinking videos go, this is a “wam, bam, thank you, mam” … … Continue reading »

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Mud Pit Status

The status of the mud pit is not good. It’s going to need a lot of work, and maybe some time. I added some shredded leaves to it earlier in the spring. I don’t know how long it will take that stuff to break down. The goal is to turn the sand into a loamy … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Navigating the Swamp in Jeans

This clip is from 2021-09-17. I posted a preview of this adventure in my Sept 18 blog entry. John Marsh is struggling to get through the swamp wearing tight, low-waist jeans and a (formerly) white crop-top t-shirt. He and his canoe have to navigate miles of bottomless mud where the water is too shallow to … Continue reading »

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New Latex

I received new latex briefs in the mail, today. Thanks to a fan who has commissioned a custom video. As soon as conditions permit, I’ll be head first in the mud, wearing these revealing latex briefs. In case anyone wasn’t aware, I do produce custom videos, as long as I can safely do what the … Continue reading »

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New Quickmud Clip

This clip is a quickmud/quicksand drowning scene that I shot on April 23. The mud was thick like pudding, but not firm enough to keep me from quickly sinking up to my chest. Most of the 5 minute clip is the last 10 inches (30 cm) of the sink. I wish the video did a … Continue reading »

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Throwback to 2007

Here is a short clip from a video that was shot on August 10, 2007. I’m not sure if the video was ever released for sale, but I edited a new clip for Fetlife and decided I’d make a shorter version for here. It’s always fun to look back at some old videos, from time-to-time. … Continue reading »

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