New Clip: Swamp Bound

Posted by on November 30, 2023

The fact that I’m posting a second clip in my white, denim-style short-shorts is pure coincidence. I really thought I had already published this one, but I hadn’t even edited it. Editing took longer than I expected, so it still took me another 2 days to get this one into my clip store.

This is a swamp self-bondage clip that I shot on April 2, 2023. I searched many places for a spot where I’d have two trees, spaced about the right distance with good mud in between them. I can’t say that I found the perfect spot, but it was a slow, deliberate sink and the mud was too thick for me to move.

First, I tied a tight, ball-splitting rope harness on my hips. I tied my ankles together, then I tied my wrists so that my arms would be held out to my sides which is a very vulnerable, and inescapable position. Also, the ropes didn’t allow me to use my arms to lift myself out of the mud. Even when one arm was released, I still struggled to get my legs free so I could untie my other arm.

The bondage was very real. I could not escape until one of my arms was released. If a giant alligator had wandered by, I would have been eaten for sure. 😉

So, here is the link to the clip in my clip store. You can watch the teaser/preview, below …

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