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This Could be the End of Another Experiment

Update: PornHub has re-instated the video and apparently they are auditing a lot of content that they had taken down, so there is hope. Update 2: PornHub removed my recent anal-hook video for “Bodily Harm”, even though I was not harmed at all and it was really quite safe. I’m done with PornHub. I edited … Continue reading »

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Rainy Day Bondage?

Notice! This clip was re-instated on PornHub, so you can now view it for free. No need to pay for it, unless you want to download it for your personal collection. I added a new clip to my clip store that is not really a mud clip, but this seemed like the best place to … Continue reading »

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A Windy Day in the Swamp

With an impending full moon and no recent rain, the afternoon low tide was likely to be pretty low. The wind was blowing pretty hard, which threatened to create a wind tide, but I figured it would be nice to go for a paddle, even if I couldn’t find any mud. The wind turned out … Continue reading »

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Mud-Pit Maintenance

Check out this PornHub video to see what fun I had, today, working on the mud pit. I stripped down to my jean cut-offs, grabbed a shovel, and headed into the woods to check the condition of the mud-pit and give it a stir. I ended up taking off my cut-offs and having fun. I … Continue reading »

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