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Adult Content Warning

This site contains content that is meant for mature audiences. There are photos and discussions that depict erotic mud play, autoerotic play, and bondage. If you are not of legal age to view adult material, or if you are offended by fetish erotica, nudity, explicit language, or sexuality in general, you should back up and find another swamp to explore.

What you'll find here:

This web-site is specifically about the erotic exploration of deep mud combined with fetish wear and bondage. There is some nudity (mostly incidental), and the bondage is of an extreme sexual nature. produced a Damsels in Mud DVD and we offer clips of women in the mud and bondage for sale. If you are only interested in the damsels, you'll want to follow the links under the Damsels in Mud heading. is an expression of the male web-master's interest in deep mud play and strict bondage, which includes his female mud videos, and many videos of his personal experience in the mud and bondage; sometimes both at the same time. That means we have and sell a large selection of male mud videos. If you're looking for those rare videos of a man sinking out of sight in deep mud, you'll want to check out our free clips, and our on-line clip store.

Damsels in Mud --> Yes, I'm over 18, take me to the muddy damsels.

Wet and Messy Damsels

Dudes in Mud --> Yes, I'm over 18, and I want to explore the swamp with the mudman, himself.

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Dudes in Bondage --> Yes, I'm over 18, and want to explore the extreme male bondage

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