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Dropped Head-first into the Mud Pit

I started this scene with high aspirations. I had to abort my first attempt because I found I couldn’t safely hang upside down with a gag in my mouth. Especially when I had mud flowing into my nose. Fortunately, I was able to free myself and restart without the gag. The problem was that I … Continue reading »

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A Saturday Afternoon in the Swamp

Well, it was really hot, today, and the low tide was scheduled for just after noon. I put on a thong and an old crop-top t-shirt I dug out of the drawer and I set out for the swamp. I have no time to write, at the moment, so I’m just going to post a … Continue reading »

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A Hot Day in the Swamp

Tuesday, June 19 was a hot, sunny day, and the low tide was around 9:30 AM. I hadn’t been out in the swamp in weeks, so I took the morning off and ventured out on the creek. The tide was pretty low when I arrived, but it was still going out. I had just enough … Continue reading »

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A Messy Weekend

I had a visitor on Saturday. We went into the swamp, we explored the clay pit, and visited the mud pit. There was some adventure, total immersion in thick swamp mud, struggling in thick clay, lots of mosquitoes, and more than enough biting flies. I didn’t take a camera into the swamp, so I used … Continue reading »

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Mosquito Season

Oh, my gosh! The mosquitoes are worse than I can remember them ever being. When I went to play in the mud pit in the woods, yesterday, I couldn’t get into the mud fast enough. The mosquitoes were attacking me while I was trying to rig a rope to the bottom of the pit. Anyway, … Continue reading »

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