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Drought update

My internet service has finally come back on-line, after Hurricane Irene. I’m not sure just how much rain I got here, but it rained for over 24 hours. Here is a photo of the pond, after the hurricane … I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, as I lost access to the Internet … Continue reading »

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Best Mudding Gear

Doug, You have SO much experience out in the tidal mud maybe you can share your best mudding gear> ?  You are bearfoot? so no surf shoe recos.?  Any cock constraining rings, etc in addition to your hogtied ropes, etc.. If so, rubber, neoprene, etc… ever wear singlets? any tools for digging in tidal muck? … Continue reading »

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Drought update

I know most of you are here for my mud exploits, so I’ll keep this short. Although there has been some heavy rain in the area, my yard has only received a half-dozen or so brief showers that have served to keep the grass from dying, but that’s about all. Here is a photo of … Continue reading »

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Cammies and zipper briefs

I went canoeing today around 17:00. It was threatening to rain, so I packed everything in watertight containers. The trip was uneventful. The tide never got very low, so I didn’t really go mudding. I did do some exploring,  and I set up the video camera a couple of times for some short clips. Here … Continue reading »

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A throwback to May 30th

I just released a silly video that was shot in the aftermath of the May 30, “I am going to die here” video. I didn’t make a trailer for this video. Hopefully the description I put on Clips4Sale describes it well enough. Here are some still frames from the video …

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August 6, 2011

Today was another hot, humid day with a mediocre low tide, but I’ve been out in worse conditions. Heather Blake came along to keep me company and operate the cameras, which means I came back with some great still photos and some awesome video. Heather hogtied me and I struggled for my life in the … Continue reading »

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Swamping on Aug 2

We went swamping, late on August 1, and early on August 2. Dolphin dropped in for a visit on the first, so we took advantage of the available low tides to play in the swamp. The tides were less than optimal, but we found a couple places to play. Our time window was limited to … Continue reading »

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New muddy self-bondage clip

I just added the 24 minute clip from my bondage adventure on July 3, 2011 to my Clips4Sale store. It took a while, because I had to travel for a couple of weeks in July. I had a great time making this clip. It was a great struggle, and the mud was really thick, so … Continue reading »

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