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Buried Alive (concept clip)

This is an edited clip from my experimental scene where I was slowly buried in the mud pit. Please see the note below the clip. There are more details in my previous blog entry. Side Note: I’ve been posting a lot of free content, lately, since I haven’t been able to go into the swamp … Continue reading »

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Mud Pit Concept Clip

This idea starts with a man, tied down to anchors in the bottom of a pit. His head is also tied down, so he can’t raise it and he has a short piece of pipe in his mouth so he will be able to breathe, even when the mud overtakes his face. Which brings us … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Return to the Swamp

You probably saw the video log from this day. This clip contains what was not in the video log … the actual sinking and having a good time. It was so great to get back into the swamp, and to be able to return to my favorite mud hole on a day with such a … Continue reading »

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Don’t Tell the Doctor

This was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done …

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Long Weekend

I haven’t even started on the lift for my kayak trailer, so I still can’t go kayaking. It’s been raining way too much, anyway. I have been making the most of the weekend, and trying not to inflict too much stress on my spine. I worked a bit on the new mud pit in the woods, … Continue reading »

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