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Sunset Trip the Day After Thanksgiving

The low tide returned just before sunset, so I took a paddle and spent about 30 minutes slogging around before I had to pack up and get out of the swamp. The light near sunset is generally very nice for shooting video. I had no real problems with light, except that things in direct sun … Continue reading »

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New Swamp Bondage Clip

This is the first clip I shot on November 22. I started out to do still photos of this scene, which I did, but decided, as it got warmer, I’d also shoot some video. For no particular reason, I released this video in 4K resolution. In this clip, John Marsh has been captured, again. He … Continue reading »

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New Quickmud Clip

Three Strikes is another installment in the continuing saga of John Marsh’s misadventures in the swamp. This time, we find him slogging through the marsh on a sunny day, wearing a kayak shirt and tight, blue short shorts. The first thing he crosses is a muddy river where he gets bogged down and struggles to … Continue reading »

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Sunday Morning Expedition

The low tide finally came around to daylight hours when the weather was mild and the tide was actually in a low cycle. So, I ventured out early in search of mud, without much of a plan. It as still cool when I got on the water, so I decided I’d do some still photos … Continue reading »

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PornHub is Finis

That’s all there is to say. I finally deleted all of my videos from PornHub and requested that my account be removed. That means all the PornHub links in this blog are now broken. I’ll try to remove them as time allows. PornHub rejects videos for arbitrary reasons. I don’t spend my time making a … Continue reading »

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New Muddy Cock Clip

I drove to the creek before the sunrise this morning so I could catch an early morning low tide. It was about 16C (60F) and there was rain in the forecast, but I’d been watching some excellent low tides pass me by this week because they happened while it was dark (and cold for a … Continue reading »

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