Introduction to the Swamp

Welcome to the swamp!

Once again, is morphing into something new and hopefully better. The one thing that has been missing for a long time from my muddy swamp site is interactivity. After installing a WordPress blog for several of my clients, I decided it might be a neat thing to add to the world of

Posting here will be a privilege, but the content will be visible to anyone who wants to slog through it. I’ll be adding more about posting guidelines in the future. For now, there will only be a few of us at work, here, preparing the mud pits for the ones who come later, so I don’t think I need to get too wordy about what does and does not belong here.

Let the sinking begin!

13 Responses to Introduction to the Swamp

  1. HeatherBlake

    YAY! I love the swamp! I’m so glad its online now so I don’t have to actually GO anywhere to enjoy it… ;D

  2. andy85

    looking forward to some good vids this year
    prefer you without the moustache
    would like to see you sink in jeans ands small white tee

    • stever

      “looking forward to some good vids this year
      prefer you without the moustache
      would like to see you sink in jeans ands small white tee”

      took the word right out of my mouth… But I think instead of jeans Spandex

      • mudbondage

        I did the jeans and white tee earlier this year. Maybe I can pull off some spandex next year, if not late this year. I’m afraid this mudding season will be drawing to a close, soon.

  3. Dick Andy

    I noticed in the pics that you usually have a cord tied from your crotch. Is this for safety reasons such as a tether to shore? Or is it part of the bondage mind game. I would be inclined to do a similar tie, but it would be secured not to just the suit (which by the way really look good).

    • mudbondage

      Yes, Dick, I like to have my genitals tied off to something for a little added bondage torment. It is definitely not for safety, and the cord is tied to more than just my suit! The cord is actually tied around the base of my cock and balls; where you would put a cock ring. Without the suit, it would slip off, but the suit is pretty effective at keeping the loop of cord from slipping off. The result is a mildly strict tug on my sensitive parts when I move the wrong way.

  4. Dick Andy

    Looking at the 2011 gallery, it must have been interesting when you slipped off the back of the log into the mud and were just dangling securely from your cock and balls then. Luckily someone was nearby to pull you up for air. Although I bet the sensation was intense deep in the mud and not able to have any control.

    • mudbondage

      The nice thing is that most of my weight is supported by the mud. The inverted suspensions are a bit precarious. I generally have a breathing tube. When I don’t, I can pull myself up pretty quickly. Even with the breathing tube, once has to be wary. It’s a great setup, though. I’m not hanging by all of my weight. Once I’m inverted, the tugging comes mostly from trying to move around, or resurface.

  5. Dick Andy

    And judging by the previews of your movies, you obviously enjoy strict bondage and are lucky to have a top who enjoys working you over and putting you into suspension. I love your harness and the hip harness looks like it holds a plug in very nicely.

  6. coney

    BTW This youtube channel seems to have stolen your header image and used it as their avatar:

    • mudbondage

      Thank you, Coney. I’ve been banned from Youtube for uploading mud videos, there. I think this is sort of ironic. I’m not sure if I should complain, since this gives me a second life on youtube. 🙂

      I’m not sure it’s actually harming me in any serious way. It looks like all of the content is stolen, which I find more offensive. These people think that producers sell so many videos that piracy is not hurting anyone. The fact is that it’s just not worth making new clips anymore, and I probably won’t be in the business much longer. I’m grateful for the handful of loyal patrons who still support me, but I’m doing good to pay for the production gear when I gross an average of $25 on each clip I produce.

      Oh well. Thanks for looking out for me.

      • coney

        You could always provide an option for ad-hoc donations, saying it’s for production equipment, as an additional stream to the video fees.

        • mudbondage

          I kinda, sorta do that already, but I am not really comfortable asking the same people to pay for everything. I asked my deviantArt followers to join my patreon, because I don’t sell anything there, and I have a different following there than I have here. People can also tip me on C4S, although C4S keeps 25%, which isn’t a very good deal (on the other hand, they keep 40% on clip sales, so it’s better to tip than to just purchase a clip you don’t want).

          I have one fan who sends me a check every year or so for a bunch of clips at the wholesale price (plus S&H), and I mail him a DVD or two. I make the same amount as if I sold the clips on C4S, but he gets his clips at a significant discount. That can only work for domestic customers, though.

          I think my years as a mud stud are numbered. I wish I could train my replacement, but young people now-a-days …. 😉

          Seriously, though, this has always been a struggle and I’ve always been conflicted on whether it’s more important to me that I share my expeditions, or that I spend more time in the mud. It’s never been about money, because there has never been any significant profit. Actually, if I spent the same time doing billable work, I’d make a *lot* more money. I’m a highly paid professional in my real life. The real push to publish has always been to share what I do with other people who are interested in similar kinks.

          Just for contrast, my typical mud video with a woman in the mud grosses around $1000 in sales. And that is why there is such a dearth of producers making muddy penis videos, while you see so many muddy vaginas.

          Thank you, for your thoughts.

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