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New Clip: Erotic mud in PVC

It’s actually called, “Soft, Deep, Erotic Mud”. Coming up with distinct titles is not easy when you do pretty much the same stuff, over and over. Anyway, I arrive at one of my favorite spots in my kayak, wearing a crop top and tiny PVC briefs. The clip opens as I am positioning my kayak … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Looking for Trouble

I put a new clip in my clip store. It is more like the kind I usually give away; not a lot of mud, and pretty short. However, I really needed to update my clip store, so I edited a 3 minute FHD clip and added it to my store. I really don’t expect it … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Crossing the Bog

Crossing the Man-Eating Bog, to be more specific. This is a struggling clip in which I am wearing a cropped white t-shirt and super short jean shorts. I don’t get totally immersed, but I do slog through some deep mud. I had my friend with me when I shot this, so the camera follows the … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Total Immersion …

The full name is Total Immersion in Red PVC. Although, that title is a little misleading. If it were more accurate, it would read, “Total Immersion While Wearing Red PVC”. I didn’t actually get immersed in PVC; especially not red PVC. I actually got immersed in some disgusting, brown, bottomless swamp muck. It was a … Continue reading »

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Newly Published Stuck Clip

I’m down to just a few clips remaining from 2021, and this is one of them. In this clip, I am wearing jeans and a crop-top white t-shirt. I am tracking a poacher through the swamp when I realize that the poacher has led me into a deadly trap. Underneath the harmless looking swamp grass … Continue reading »

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