Behind the Scenes & Out-takes, 2014-02-25

2014-02-25 Behind the Scenes & Out-takes

This video is assembled from unused footage I shot on Feb 25, 2014. The clip that I shot that day is called “A Narrow Escape”. You can find it in my clips store.

It was a cool day, so I changed into shorts on location. I used my “follow me” mount to shoot the opening scene of the clip. There was a lot of “follow me” video that I didn’t use in the movie clip. At the end, I reversed the “follow me” mount so you see the front of my muddy body, and I made my way back for a cold bath in the creek. You will notice that, when I lean forward, the mount practically goes between my legs and points mostly upward. That makes for a crazy perspective!

Download the MPEG4 clip

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