2010-04-20 Free Swamp Movie

Free Swamp Movie

This is a highlights clip from my short mud adventure on April 20, 2012. I captured a total of 12 minutes of video, but the audio is pretty poor. I didn’t have time to setup for a “real” movie, so I just pointed my D7000 at the mud and let it roll. I recorded two scenes. The first is a slogging scene in short cut-off jeans, and the second is a full immersion scene in gold briefs. The D7000 microphone cannot cope with any wind, so even a light breeze is very disruptive. You may see still photos and read the story about this trip in this blog post.

Download the MPEG4 clip

4 Responses to 2010-04-20 Free Swamp Movie

  1. Welliemuddler

    This is dertainly a great clip!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Mudmanhu

    GREAT VIDEO!!!! many-many thanks for pleasure, would be great to realise a next one together! Excellent pic-quality, great location…. and You are really sympathyc and horny in this swamp-torture! GREAT!

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