2012-03-01 swamp…

2012-03-01 Swamp-Short

This is not a teaser. It is just a short video from my kayaking trip on March 1. I hadn’t planned on mudding, but I stopped by one of my mud holes for a peek and took a short dip.

Download the MP4/M4V clip

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  1. John Storm Spotter

    Great short video. Looks like a good sinking masturbating spot. You sounded like it took your breath away when you first went in. A bit cool I bet. Been out myself here, but a bit cool. Looking forward to another great season. Keep up your great work.


    • mudbondage

      Thanks, John. That mud wasn’t very cold. I think I just sank a little faster than I expected to. That pit keeps getting more and more treacherous, as I work it up. I’m anxious to go back there. I love to do bondage there, and I’ve got an idea for a Damsel in Distress movie I’m going to shoot there.

  2. wayne

    have you put the one of you going head first in the clay pit

  3. wayne

    ok will it be soon i want too realy see it

    • mudbondage

      I can’t make any promises, Wayne. I am planning to shoot it this Friday, but I’ve got a pretty busy schedule, so it might have to slide until next week. It takes a few days to get it edited, also. It’s pretty safe to say it will be available by the 17th of March. Hopefully sooner.

  4. wayne

    howe deep is the clay pit who helps hang you up by your ankles

    • mudbondage

      My claypit is about 18 inches deep where I will be lowered. I have asked Heather Blake to help me with the shot, but she will also be operating the camera, so I might have to get someone else to help.

  5. wayne

    how far down will you sink half or ALL THE WAY

    • mudbondage

      Wayne, I’ll be tied up and lowered, head first into the clay. Even if the clay were deeper, I can’t go very deep, because I will have no way of breathing.

  6. Tom

    Nice early season sinking video! Thanks for sharing that. If you ever can convince Heather to join you out there, maybe you could make that fetish vid of her having to “rescue” you with her bare feet?

    Keep up the great work! I am hoping to get out in April for the start of the season here.

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