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New Swamp Clip!

You saw some of the still photos, now you can see the video clip! This is a silly story that beings with me, beaming in onto a “grassy knoll”. The knoll is covered with marsh grass and surrounded by marsh. I’m thinking I should have shaved my head, or worn my alien costume for this … Continue reading »

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Early Season Mud

Well, it happened again. We had a mild day and a low tide that wasn’t too early or too late. What’s even better is that it happened on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t sure what, if any, video I’d be able to shoot, since I didn’t know just how cold I was going to get … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Bondage clip

Here is a new outdoor bondage clip I recorded on a mile day in early February. There isn’t a lot I can say about it. I could barely move, with my knees strapped tightly to my chest and my wrists handcuffed and locked to a chain around my genitals. I shot the clip with 2 … Continue reading »

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Muddy Wellies, new clip

Announcing the first muddy clip of 2016!!! Okay, it’s not my usual, deep sinking fare, but for people who like muddy rubber boots, it might be interesting. This is a short clip, and it pretty much is what the promo image shows, plus some great sucking sounds. In this clip, I churn around in the … Continue reading »

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Muddy Boots?

I went out to the swamp on the first of February. It was a warm day, but I couldn’t bring myself to sink in up to my neck and wash off in the cold water. It just wasn’t that warm. I did, however, manage to get my brand new rubber boots very muddy. I know … Continue reading »

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