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New clip: Fantasy Fun

This clip was fun to make. It features a little bondage, but nothing serious. It features a total immersion that looks serious, but it’s not. I jump off that bamboo pole, attempt a dive from it (you try to balance on a shaky bamboo pole over perilous mud), and drop from it while upside-down. There … Continue reading »

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More Roadblocks

I just haven’t been able to get back to the swamp since June 16. I’ll be releasing that clip, sometime today. Between work and a health issue that just hit me like a sledge hammer one morning, I have cancelled 2 potential mudding trips. I did manage to pick up a 110 gallon tank for … Continue reading »

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Swamp Orgasm clip from 6/12

This is the 2nd of two clips I recorded on June 12. The first one was the hog-tie. The hog-tie was done in latex briefs, but you didn’t got to see them when they weren’t muddy. This clip opens with some nice shots of the latex. I’ve got a rope around my genitals and I … Continue reading »

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Halloween in the Swamp

I got these awesome gold pants a few years ago around Halloween when they were on sale really cheap. I wanted to find a superhero top to go with them, but I never did. I finally purchased the top you see me wearing, here, and discovered that the finish on the pants had been tarnished … Continue reading »

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Hogtied! (new clip)

This is the first of 2 clips I shot on June 12. For the first 11 minutes or so, I struggle against the hogtie. I roll around and thrust my hips in the air for no apparent reason. After that, I free my wrists from my ankles so I can kick my feet out and … Continue reading »

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The Crazy Things that Happen During a Shoot

I’ve had all kinds of things go wrong when I was shooting a mud video. I’ve setup cameras that more or less missed the action. I’ve had tripods shift so the camera pointed off into space. I’ve screwed up the focus and exposure. I missed some of the action, today, but the 2nd camera caught … Continue reading »

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New Muddy Orgasm Clip

If you watch this clip, it’s pretty safe to say that I will have the last orgasm. It takes me 12 minutes 53 seconds to reach orgasm in this clip, and that’s with about 10 minutes edited out! Thanks to the edits, this is pretty much a non-stop masturbation party. There is a short cleanup … Continue reading »

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Rain and King Tides

Yesterday, 6/2/2016, I decided to visit the swamp, even though we had just gotten 3.5 inches (~9cm) of rain. The “king tide” event was 2 days away, which means the tides were on the extreme side. That can work for me, or against me. Given the recent rain, I wasn’t expecting much. I arrived early, … Continue reading »

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