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New Mud Pit Clip

This time, I had some help, so I got to get my wrists and elbows bound with zip-tie cuffs. I was also gagged with tape and my ankles were zip-tied together. The mud pit has some clay mixed into it, so it is pretty thick and sticky. I got very messy, but it took some … Continue reading »

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New Swamp Clip

A Quickie in the Swamp is a mixed bag of scenes. There is no theme. The only consistent thing is what I’m wearing. I get out of my boat, walk over to one of my favorite mud holes to do some maintenance on it. I then walk over to the really deep pool of mud … Continue reading »

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Still At It

I’m not dead, and I’m still working on mud and bondage content. I have been spending some time, setting up complicated bondage scenes, because when I have an image in my head, I need to act it out and record it. If for no other reason, to have documentation of my idea. Sometimes I need … Continue reading »

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New Mud Pit Clip

This is a combination mud pit, bondage, wedgie, and hip gyrating clip. It’s actually a little story about a mud slave who doesn’t want to work, so he is punished with a really tight, ball crushing, rope harness over tight jean shorts. Things get progressively worse, since the mud slave can’t seem to focus on … Continue reading »

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Another Trip Through the Shortcut

I hadn’t taken the shortcut in a long time. I wanted to take TannerQS through it, but I’m really glad I didn’t. There is no way he would have made it through. It took me 2.5 hours, yesterday and almost 100% of that time was slogging through waist deep or deeper mud. The few chances … Continue reading »

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A Weekend of Mudding

I went out to the swamp on May 4 and May 5. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for it. I hosted @Tannerquicksand (on X) in my swamp. The first day we went out, I took him out to Hunters Creek, which is a 2.5 mile paddle. We lost a lot of time on … Continue reading »

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Another Muddy Morning

On April 30 I talked myself into a trip into the swamp, in spite of my recent rejection from C4S that kind of broke my heart. I wasn’t going to shoot any video, but I wanted some documentation and maybe some bits for my blog, so I did shoot some video on my action camera. … Continue reading »

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