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Gentle Mudding

Well, it was my idea of gentle mudding, but I might have gotten a little carried away. My knee improved a lot overnight, so I decided I’d go for a paddle and check out the low tide. I arrived at the water while the tide was still going out, and hadn’t yet gotten low enough … Continue reading »

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Mud, at last!

Aha! The sun was shining and the tide was low around midday. I think my tide chart is a little off, though, because the tide was low when I arrived, and I should have been 30 minutes early. The good news is that I did get immersed in some wonderful, thick, deep mud. That was … Continue reading »

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The Making of Mud Movie is on UMD!

The goal is in sight! This isn’t the full, public release I eventually want to make, but, thanks to the hosting generosity of Messmaster at, UMD members can see the Making of a Mud Movie Movie for free on The Ultimate Messy Directory for about a week.* This is a really big deal for … Continue reading »

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Storm Surge & Flood Waters

The high water persists, and the mercury is dropping. Starting Tuesday, it’s supposed to clear up and maybe we’ll get a week of dry weather. The way it’s been, I’m not holding my breath. I went out on the creek on Friday at low tide, and the water was easily 24 centimeters higher than it … Continue reading »

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The Documentary, Finally!

Well, I finally finished my “Making of a Mud Movie” movie. I left out the parts about editing, uploading, and promoting a mud video, because those things are just tedious. The documentary clip almost plays like a “best of” clip, since I used so many bits from my huge collection of mud video, although those … Continue reading »

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