April 16 Trip Report

Well, there you have it. This is just a trip report. I have video, but nothing ready to release into the wild … except the short clip, below.

I wore my really tight, really short, white jean shorts that I love. They may never be white again, BTW. The tide was pretty tepid (we are between moons), so I picked a spot that has a little bit higher elevation. By “higher”, I mean a few inches (5-10 cm) higher. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off, but I wanted to get hogtied and slide into a mud hole, from which I would not be able to escape while hogtied.

Overall, I think the effort was a success. I managed to get tied up pretty well, and I managed to work up the mud so I’d be able to dunk my head under as I struggled against the ropes. I used two cameras to capture the action and both of them did a pretty good job. I’m in love with my little G100 and the 9mm pancake lens I bought for it. It is almost like an action cam, in that you don’t have to focus, but the camera gives me more control and better dynamic range than the action cam.

After the hogtie scene, I was a little chilly, so I reclined on the ground to soak up some warm sun and to keep my body out of the wind (being close to the ground, the swamp grass offers more protection from the wind).

I didn’t shoot much, outside of the hogtie scene and my little warmup, so, here is a short edit:

(note that my white shorts are toast)

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New Clip: Erotic mud in PVC

It’s actually called, “Soft, Deep, Erotic Mud”. Coming up with distinct titles is not easy when you do pretty much the same stuff, over and over.

Anyway, I arrive at one of my favorite spots in my kayak, wearing a crop top and tiny PVC briefs. The clip opens as I am positioning my kayak and climbing out into the bottomless muck with a few inches of water over it.

I struggle a bit and I sink up to my waist before I pull myself up onto something that resembles solid ground, but it’s also pretty soft.

Next you see me, venturing over to a really marshy spot and sinking pretty quickly up to my crotch. In a couple of moves I’m up to my navel. I mostly toy with the mud until I pull myself up far enough that you can see my muddy crotch. I spend most of the remainder of the video, playing with my cock and balls. Although I don’t cum, I’m pretty excited by the end of the clip.

Soft, Deep, Erotic Mud, 2024-03-31

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Exploring on April 6 (short clip)

I ventured out for a hike on April 6, 2024. It was actually a pretty cool day with a chilling wind, but I had to, at least, take off my shoes and pants to explore some wet areas. There was some real quicksand in the stream, so I stopped and experimented with it. I wish it had been deeper.

After being disappointed by the quicksand, I ventured downstream in search of mud. I knew the stream would eventually empty into a large, swampy, tidal area that was connected to a tidal creek, and it was about time for low tide, so I there could be some exposed mud … maybe even some really deep mud.

I wasn’t entirely disappointed. There was a lot of timber that got in the way of sinking, but there was deep mud, if you could find a spot with nothing in the way. I’ll have to explore more when it’s warmer. It was just too cold and windy to be wet and nearly naked for a long time. The water I was wading in was also pretty cold.

I made a short clip from my brief adventure. The clip was just a little to long to post here for free, and it was almost too short to sell. I did put it in my clip store. Here is the link: John Finds a Soft Spot, 2024-04-06

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New Stuck Clip: It’s So Thick

I went out into the swamp on Sunday, March 31 and I shot some video, wearing my tiny PVC briefs. Don’t ask me why I wore them; I didn’t even know what I’d find in the swamp, as we had recently had a lot of rain and the creek has been running high. I spotted a new spot that I didn’t remember exploring and I stopped there to stomp around in the mud and see what sort of perils I could find. It turned out that there were a couple deep spots. The mud was really thick, so it would have taken a long time to go really deep; assuming the mud was deep enough. I got nearly up to my waist in the first place I discovered. It was really difficult to get out because the mud was thick and did not want to let me go.

The second spot I wandered into wasn’t as deep, so I wasn’t there as long. This video ends as I walked away from the second spot with my muddy legs and PVC briefs. My adventure continued (more for the next clip) when I arrived at one of my soft, bottomless mud spots and spent some time there.

To be continued …

It’s So Thick, 2024-03-31 (teaser below)

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New Clip: Looking for Trouble

I put a new clip in my clip store. It is more like the kind I usually give away; not a lot of mud, and pretty short. However, I really needed to update my clip store, so I edited a 3 minute FHD clip and added it to my store. I really don’t expect it to be a big seller. It does feature lots of butt and crotch shots of me, wearing either my tiniest jean shorts, or an equally tiny, blue, bikini swimsuit. I am barefooted, throughout, and I explore a variety of watery locations. At the end, I stumble into some deep-ish mud, sink up to my crotch and drag myself out.

The clip is too short to make a teaser/trailer. Here is the link: Looking for Trouble, 2024-03-10

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Free clip: Uncertain Footing

John Marsh was out for a hike, bare footed, wearing his signature jean shorts and carrying a heavy backpack. He set about exploring a marshland near his favorite creek.

This is a pretty large video, so I may take it down in the near future.

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Brief Flirtation with Mud

I went for a rather long kayak trip and spent the night in the forest. The next day, I was paddling past one of my mudding spots around low tide so I stopped by and had a short fling with the mud. The water is still icy cold, so I couldn’t bring myself to get in very deep.

My video opens at my campsite near a beaver pond. It’s hard to believe that most of the stuff that is scattered around in my tent came out of my backpack. It looks ways worse than it really was. I’m wearing a tiny, red Speedo, throughout. I’m looking forward to warmer weather, and especially warmer water!

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New Winter Mud Clip

This is one of two clips I shot on January 26. I started out in a red Speedo (this clip) and I finished in my denim cutoffs (not yet edited).

I start out this clip, leaving my boat on the shore and climbing across a fallen tree to explore a muddy area that is mostly covered in marsh grass. I didn’t want to sink too deep, because the river was icy cold and I just wasn’t in the mood for a swim in cold water. It was a nice day, but it was also the end if the day, so the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping off.

The video shows me, getting back into the boat and trying not to let the soft mud pull me any deeper. I sank up to my crotch before I managed to wriggle onto the boat.

Next, I step off into an inviting mud shelf on the side of Hunters Creek. The tide was not really low. It wouldn’t be low until after sunset, but it was low enough to expose a shelf of smooth, black mud. I wasn’t sure how deep I would sink when I stepped off the boat. Sadly, it was only about knee deep in that spot. I slogged around, looking for deeper mud. Eventually, I ended up sinking up to my waist at the edge of the shelf; near the water.

The sun was setting, so I wriggled free and got cleaned up (on camera) as well as I could in the shallow, cold water with a soft, muddy bottom.

Winter Exploring in a Red Speedo, 2024-01-26

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Overnight Trip Up the Creek

I decided to take advantage of some mild weather and go for a much needed kayaking and camping trip on January 26. I didn’t know exactly where I was going to go or when I was going to return. I left everything open ended. I packed enough food and water for a few days and I took pretty much everything I could need to explore the swamp and shoot video.

I didn’t really have a low tide during daylight hours. The tide was getting low as the sun was setting, and it was warm enough that I wasn’t cold, in spite of the cold water I was wading in. I explored the swamp until it was about to get dark, then I found a beautiful spot to set up my campsite for the night.

I enjoyed a beautiful night in the woods. There was a mostly clear sky and a nearly full moon, and the temperature was very mild for winter. It was so warm, the mosquitoes were out. I did have insect repellent in my gear, but I really didn’t expect to need it in January.

Below is a short video from my adventure in the swamp. It is mostly outtakes, but you get the idea. Since the tide wasn’t low until after dark, there wasn’t really an opportunity for me to get into any really deep mud, but the water was probably still too cold for a swim, anyway.

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First Muddy Trip of 2024

On January 12 it was very mild and I was able to make a dash to the forest. I didn’t really have a plan for my hike, except that I was going to hike in my denim short-shorts and try to get some video of some kind of outdoor adventure. I had lots of rope, handcuffs, a couple gags and some leather cuffs, but I didn’t use any of that stuff. Instead, I shot some video of me, climbing on a tree and finally, hiking with my backpack on and stepping into a hidden, thick mud trap. It didn’t take more than a second to find myself up to my thighs in the black, sucking mud. I struggled to escape, but the mud just tightened it’s grip and I sank, slowly, deeper.

Anyway, I turned that little adventure into a “Stuck” clip and put it in my clip store. Here is the link: Backpacker Gets Stuck

I still have some scenes to edit from last year. I doubt I’ll have many opportunities to record new clips before spring, so I’ll try to edit some of my older clips when I have some time.

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New Wallowing Clip

Silky Mud Wallow is comprised of scenes from two, separate trips out to Hunters Creek. The black mud along the shore is so smooth and has such a great consistency, it is really hard to resist, even though I am in plain site of any boats that might pass by. It’s a bit risky, but I still play there from time to time.

On August 13, I was wearing my nylon briefs and on July 1, I was wearing my super tiny, denim short-shorts. I got completely immersed, did some head-first stuff and a backward somersault or two. I showed off my muddy crotch every chance I got, and I made sure to rub myself from time to time.

I hope someone likes this clip. I know it’s the holiday season, so I know some of you are saving your money. I tried keeping the price down. I totally understand that sales are bound to slump in December. I hope everyone has a great holiday, if that’s what they are into.

Store/Purchase link: Silky Mud Wallow

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New Clip: Treacherous (weighted) Self Bondage

This clip from July 2022 is long because the struggle was real. There isn’t really much to see in this clip, since I spend the vast majority of it, covered in mud. However, the audio is pretty hot, if you like this sort of scene. I know my moaning was getting me hot and bothered while I was editing this. The theme of this clip is self bondage with a weight tied to my body that pulls me down and holds me under. It’s been over a year since I shot this scene, so it was kind of new to me. I actually enjoyed editing it. I did my best to remove the slower bits, and I got it down to under 28 minutes.

I kept some of the tying, but I mostly kept the untying, because that was a real struggle and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to get free. (I did have a backup plan, in case you get worried.)

There is a bit at the end where I am out of the mud and rubbing my tender genitals, but that is only a small part of this clip. In those final shots, I talk about how horny I was and how intense was the experience of being held under the mud by a heavy weight attached to my genitals. Clip link: Treacherous Self Bondage, 2022-07-23

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New Slogging Clip

This clip contains much of what was in this vlog from April 23, last year. If you enjoyed that vlog, you’ll probably enjoy this clip. Although you’ve seen much of it before, the commercial clip is longer and full HD quality.

I am wearing copper/bronze colored briefs with a front that really enhances my package. They are also thin and silky, so they are quite stimulating. I slog through the thick, marsh mud; mostly up to my thighs, sometimes deeper. Eventually, I get completely covered in mud, I lie on the mud and rub my crotch, roll over and show off my muddy butt, etc. There are a lot of muddy crotch and muddy ass shots in this clip. I hope someone enjoys it.

Store link: A Muddy Slog, 2022-04-23

I created a new teaser, because I needed something short.

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New Clip: Swamp Bound

The fact that I’m posting a second clip in my white, denim-style short-shorts is pure coincidence. I really thought I had already published this one, but I hadn’t even edited it. Editing took longer than I expected, so it still took me another 2 days to get this one into my clip store.

This is a swamp self-bondage clip that I shot on April 2, 2023. I searched many places for a spot where I’d have two trees, spaced about the right distance with good mud in between them. I can’t say that I found the perfect spot, but it was a slow, deliberate sink and the mud was too thick for me to move.

First, I tied a tight, ball-splitting rope harness on my hips. I tied my ankles together, then I tied my wrists so that my arms would be held out to my sides which is a very vulnerable, and inescapable position. Also, the ropes didn’t allow me to use my arms to lift myself out of the mud. Even when one arm was released, I still struggled to get my legs free so I could untie my other arm.

The bondage was very real. I could not escape until one of my arms was released. If a giant alligator had wandered by, I would have been eaten for sure. 😉

So, here is the link to the clip in my clip store. You can watch the teaser/preview, below …

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New Clip: White Shorts Ruined

Back on August 13, when I had my camera guy with me, I did another slog through the black swamp mud. This time I wore tight, white, jean-style, short-shorts and my black crop-top. I love those shorts. It was nearly impossible to get them mostly white, again, after this muddy saga. I tried to include some scenes showing off the white shorts before they got muddy, and some shots of my muddy body and muddy shorts after the slog through the deep muck.

I’m not sure how to classify this video. The struggle is pretty serious, but it kind of appears that John is navigating the mud with intention. He’s never really terrified, or even worried about his survival. He just has to struggle to get where he is going. We’re not even sure why he wants to get there. 🙂

Link: My White Shorts Are Ruined!

Be sure to check out the short teaser, below …

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