New Clip: Red PVC

This is a very messy clip from July 6, 2024. I went into the mud, wearing only red, PVC, tanga briefs. I sank several times. The first time I didn’t go very deep before I wriggled back out, which took a significant effort. The second time I sank vertically until I was barely able to breathe. Then I went in backwards (head first?) with my breathing tube, leaving my hips and legs above the mud as my head and shoulders sank deeper. Eventually, I pulled my legs in so I was completely under the mud.

After I came back up for the last time, covered from head to toe in swamp mud, I kicked back and enjoyed the smooth mud on my erect cock. The stroking and man handling of my cock takes up the last 4 minutes of the clip. The slow, steady vertical sink takes about 6 minutes.

Red PVC Tanga in the Swamp, 2024-07-06

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A Vlog

This is from today (July 6, 2024). I just hacked it together because I’m exhausted. I arrived early and spent several hours on the creek, paddling around, hanging out, swimming, and finally mudding, once the tide was low enough. This vlog gives you some glimpses of my adventure; mostly behind the scenes …

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The Longest Clip, Ever

I decided to gather all of the sort-of-behind-the-scenes clips I had from the past 18 months that I had not included in any for sale clips. Some bits of this clip have been using in my vlogs, but I was able to use more and offer everything in FHD (1080p), so somewhat better resolution.

When I made my first pass through my raw video files, looking for denim wet/muddy, walking/slogging/getting stuck/struggling/etc. scenes, I ended up with almost 200 files.

It took forever to go through them all and select the best bits. When I was done, I had well over an hour, so I had to go back and prune the less interesting stuff. After I finished editing and arranging the cuts, I had to make luminance and color adjustments, then listen to the entire program and adjust audio levels, etc. I probably invested way more time in this clip than it will be worth, but I was able to get a lot of my unpublished bits into a clip, so I’ve got that behind me.

Clip purchase link: Exploring the Swamp in Denim, 2023-2024

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New Clip from Sunday’s Trip (6/23)

Just to be clear, I was in the swamp 2 days in a row. The first day, I did the weighted sink. The second day, I dove in, head-first, with my wrists tied behind my back. This clip is from the second day. I wore the same black briefs on both days, and I also harnessed my loins for some of both days, so you’ll see some similarities in the pictures and video.

The clip I just released (Extreme Swamp Romp) opens when I dive in, head-first, with my wrists tied behind my back. After that, I have a bit of a struggle in the bottomless muck. It’s more of a struggle, because I can’t use my arms, that are bound behind my back until the end of the first segment.

In the second segment, I dive in again. This time, my arms are not bound but I did tie on my hip harness to tease my genitals. I try to show off my crotch and my hard cock as much as I can. I also do some acrobatics in the mud, just for fun. The entire clip is sort of a “fun in really deep, treacherous mud” clip, with at least one dangerous stunt.

Here is a short teaser for context:

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Hot Weather and Low Tides

I usually get my best low tides around the full moon and the new moon. I was not disappointed yesterday when I went out to take a dip in some really deep mud to beat the heat. I didn’t shoot much video, partly because I didn’t really want to mess with the camera, and partly because I was doing a weighted sink with my breathing tube and there just wasn’t much to see.

The weight was not quite enough to just pull me down, but if I wiggled around, I would slowly be drawn deeper. The mud where I was playing was so deep that I never found a bottom, even when my head was well below the surface. The mud does get thicker as you go deeper, so the weight sinks slower and takes a little more jiggling at times. However, once my feet and the weight had worked their way into the thicker mud, it got harder for me to pull the weight loose so I could resurface. At least the breathing tube gave me time to sink slowly and also to get back out, eventually.

The best part for me was that the weight was attached to my crotch ropes, so pulling against it was an evil, somewhat painful, tease. The tugging, combined with the danger of being held under by a heavy weight, kept me erect for the entire time. I guess I’m just a bondage and danger junkie.

I am hoping to return to the swamp, today. I’m not sure if I’ll record video or just try to drown myself. Yesterday was a really good time.

Oh, and one more thing. I’m not sure if this video will be approved by the censors at Clips4Sale. I suppose I’ll give it a try, but it does have the hallmarks of a drowning clip. Maybe I just need to make sure it ends when my head is above the mud.

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New Clip: Red G-String

Check out the clip in my clip store.

I paddled out to my spot on Hunters Creek on June 7. I spent the night in the forest and paddled back the next day. I shot this video in a red, latex g-string. The video opens as I am getting out of my boat. I played in two different mud holes. The first one was pretty thin mud, so I pumped my hips in and out of the mud. I dove head-first into the next spot, which was thicker mud. I go through my usual hi-jinks; playing with myself, doing backflips, etc.

Red Latex G-String in the Swamp

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New Clip in my Red Speedo

I went back for a 3rd day in the swamp on June 3, 2024. I shot two videos and played in the mud until the tide came back in. It actually a pretty long low tide. I got a lot of sun over the course of 3 swamp trip in 3 days, but I managed to avoid getting sunburned.

This new clip features most of the things I recorded while wearing my super tight, red, Speedo bikini. I got some shots while the suit was still clean and, of course, I got it really muddy. The mud was thick and deep, so I struggled a lot. The struggle was real. I showed my muddy crotch at times, I dove head first into the mud, once, I got inverted a couple of times, and I went completely under. It was all for fun, of course; nothing too dramatic or serious, although there was a while there where I was feeling really stuck and struggling hard against the relentless grip of the mud.

Red Speedo in the Swamp, 2024-06-03

You might also check out my post on X that has some scenes from this clip. I posted my Vlog for 6/3 on X.

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Just a Vlog for 6/2

I got a heck of a workout today, and too much sun. I’m going to bed early. Some day, there might be a video from this trip, but I’m not too sure. In spite of my efforts, I don’t think I really got anything interesting. Then again, I might just be really tired.

p.s. I’m pretty happy with how lean and strong I am, going into summer and approaching my 60th birthday. I can outdistance most people who are half my age. 🙂

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By Request: Shower Frames

Here are some frames from the 4k video shot on May 27, by request. I could make better quality images if I plan a photo shoot, but 4k video is pretty good resolution. Click on an image to download it.

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New Swamp Clip in Denim Short-shorts

Treacherous Mud in Denim features a muddy struggle in the swamp, wearing tiny denim short-shorts, a whilte crop-top t-shirt and my hat. I get mired down to my crotch shortly after leaving my kayak. I sink deep enough to get my shorts muddy before I extract myself and the camera gets a good shot of my muddy jean shorts. I slip while trying to jump across the mud and I end up back in some very deep mud where I must be very careful to avoid sinking too deep. Again, I manage to pull myself out and the clip ends with more closeups of my muddy crotch.

I shot more video, today (June 1, 2024), so I will have at least one more clip to publish. I’ll have a tiny, latex thong clip, and possibly some wallowing in these denim shorts, without the hat or t-shirt. Check back in a few days, if you’re looking for even less coverage, and some muddy cock stroking. For now, it’s just this little drama. I hope you like it.

Here is the clip link, again: Treacherous Mud in Denim, 2024-06-01

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New Mud Pit Clip

This time, I had some help, so I got to get my wrists and elbows bound with zip-tie cuffs. I was also gagged with tape and my ankles were zip-tied together. The mud pit has some clay mixed into it, so it is pretty thick and sticky. I got very messy, but it took some effort to get really immersed in the thick, heavy mud.

The struggle in the muck lasts for about 11.5 minutes. The last minute of the clip is of my muddy body, emerging from the mud, me scraping some of the mud off, then 25 seconds of me, showering in the outdoor shower. I just added those last bits on as bonus material. The shower scene actually lasted a lot longer.

Here is the link to purchase this clip: Zip Tied in the Mud Pit

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New Swamp Clip

A Quickie in the Swamp is a mixed bag of scenes. There is no theme. The only consistent thing is what I’m wearing. I get out of my boat, walk over to one of my favorite mud holes to do some maintenance on it. I then walk over to the really deep pool of mud where I sink a little before I dive in, head-first. I just generally wallow around, get out and walk over to a new spot, then lie back and partially cover myself in slippery mud so I can avoid the cool breeze and play with my penis for a while before I decide I’m too cold to finish.

I had some audio issues while shooting the video, but I think I papered over them in my edit, so you shouldn’t be bothered by them, although there are some subtle hints of trouble. Unfortunately, it made some of the video unusable.

Check out the trailer below, and here is my store link: A Quickie in the Swamp

The elements haven’t been working in my favor, lately. Our weather has been unpredictable and stormy. The tides have been tepid, at best, and my trusty live tide gauge is out of commission, so I cannot monitor the water level in real time. 🙁

I do hope to shoot some new content, soon. I still need to figure out exactly what is causing my audio issues. I think it’s my external microphone, but I need to be sure before I can trust my camera not to mess up more of my video. Working in the salt water is hard on gear; especially microphones.

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Still At It

I’m not dead, and I’m still working on mud and bondage content. I have been spending some time, setting up complicated bondage scenes, because when I have an image in my head, I need to act it out and record it. If for no other reason, to have documentation of my idea. Sometimes I need to document the “how” as much as the “what”, because it require some creative thinking to get in and out of these predicaments without help.

As far as mud goes, I’ve mostly been working on my mud pit in the woods. On May 20, I set out to remix the mud and move some clay from the clay pit to the mud pit, in the hope that it would improve the texture and thickness of the mud.

I really wanted to dig the existing mud out of the mud pit before I added the clay. I laid out a tarp to shovel the mud onto, but the recent rains had saturated the ground to the point that the hydraulic pressure outside the liner was pushing the liner in where the mud had been removed. So, I opted to add the clay and move the mud around as much as I could to work the clay deeper into the mud.

After working on the mud pit, I went out to the forest for a hike and to explore some potential mud. I shot a little video as I walked in the stream, but it was getting dark and when I got to the place I hoped to sink, the water was too high (probably a high tide). I also noted that the area has grown up with vegetation since my last visit. I’m not sure if it will be worth revisiting, since I have many better places to sink at low tide. I do like the ambiance of the forest (kind of a tropical jungle look), but there is also the poison ivy thing.

On May 21, I did my bondage photo in the morning and after work I returned to the mud pit. I was going to shoot something to sell, but I was in a dark mood and I was having trouble getting motivated to do much of anything, so I decided I’d just torture myself in the mud pit and try some different things.

My first idea was to “dive” into the mud pit, head first, with my genitals tied to the hard point above the pit. The idea was that I wouldn’t be able to right myself, but it didn’t really work that way. Also, the water on the surface of the pit went right up my nose when I dove into the pit. That was not a good way to get started.

I mostly recovered from the water up my nose before I set up the next scene where my ankles were tied to a post outside the pit and my genitals were hiked up from the front, so my head and my upper body would be able to sink while I bucked my hips to tease my cock and balls. That scene worked alright, but I was in no danger of sinking into the thick mud without a lot of effort. It was kind of cool, in that once I worked my head under, it was equally difficult to pull it back out.

My final scene was different, in that I wasn’t held up by my genitals, but rather held down by them. That one was the closest I got to genital torture, and I really couldn’t get out until my timer released me. That was also the first setup where I could get my entire body into the thick mud. It was a pretty good time.

I was horny after all this, and I really wanted to do one final scene where I masturbated to orgasm on camera, but (sorry, guys) I was getting cold and I felt the best thing would be to get rinsed off, dry, and into some warm clothes before I got hypothermia.

Below are some more video frames from my adventures on May 20/21. I’m sure I’ll have a new video, eventually. I’ve been editing the video as I go, but getting a video finalized and published takes time.

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New Mud Pit Clip

This is a combination mud pit, bondage, wedgie, and hip gyrating clip. It’s actually a little story about a mud slave who doesn’t want to work, so he is punished with a really tight, ball crushing, rope harness over tight jean shorts. Things get progressively worse, since the mud slave can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, since the ropes on his genitals are making him horny. It’s really a very sad story. You probably don’t want to see it, so just ignore this post altogether.

When I shot this clip, it sort of evolved into a story. If I had planned it, I would probably have ended up gagged, but I barely had enough rope to get properly roped into the pit. The really true part of the entire saga is that I was getting very horny. By the end of the video, where I pull out my penis, there is a barely noticeable drool of pre-cum.

I have more of the story in the description in my clip store. Here is a link: A Reluctant Mud Slave Gets Punished

Of course, I pretty much have to make a teaser for every clip, these days. The kids expect a lot of me. So here is that …

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Another Trip Through the Shortcut

I hadn’t taken the shortcut in a long time. I wanted to take TannerQS through it, but I’m really glad I didn’t. There is no way he would have made it through. It took me 2.5 hours, yesterday and almost 100% of that time was slogging through waist deep or deeper mud. The few chances I had to paddle were very brief.

I started out around 16:00 and I finished my trip close to 20:00. That includes a few miles of paddling on open water and cleaning up after the muddy slog. Either way, it was a marathon and a full body workout.

In this clip, I struggle with my boat, I play in deep mud, and I use every method I can think of to move my body and my boat towards the goal. The tide was going out the entire time I was struggling desperately to make progress. By the time I was half way through, there was very little water left in the channel, so the going got really hard. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting on the high tide, because it was getting dark. It was a really good time.

You can check out the full clip here: A Mile of Mud

You can find the teaser, below, and a gallery of frames below that.

I selected 10 images for my promotional composite, but I could only use 4, and I have to make them smaller. So here are 9 of 10 (# 10 is at the top of this post) for you to check out.

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