New Clip: White Shorts Ruined

Posted by on November 20, 2023

Back on August 13, when I had my camera guy with me, I did another slog through the black swamp mud. This time I wore tight, white, jean-style, short-shorts and my black crop-top. I love those shorts. It was nearly impossible to get them mostly white, again, after this muddy saga. I tried to include some scenes showing off the white shorts before they got muddy, and some shots of my muddy body and muddy shorts after the slog through the deep muck.

I’m not sure how to classify this video. The struggle is pretty serious, but it kind of appears that John is navigating the mud with intention. He’s never really terrified, or even worried about his survival. He just has to struggle to get where he is going. We’re not even sure why he wants to get there. 🙂

Link: My White Shorts Are Ruined!

Be sure to check out the short teaser, below …

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