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Exploring a Beaver Pond

There were alligators lurking just below the surface, but I had to know if there were any deep spots. I was actually on an overnight backpacking trip. I have hiked past this pond before, but I’ve never noticed any pools of mud. I suspect the damn was compromised in the storm so the pond has … Continue reading »

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Working on a Bondage Clip Store

Just FYI, I will be removing some content from my male mud store (studio #10094) and adding that content to an entirely new studio that will be dedicated to bondage. I know some of you purchase both mud and bondage clips, but I feel that the bondage clips obscure the mud clips in my store; … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Tarzan Explores the Swamp

You can find this clip in my  clip store. The title is a bit lame, because it is as much about humping the thick mud and struggling to escape. Most of the mud in this video is thick, moss covered peat that is bottomless in places and nearly solid in others, thanks to tree roots … Continue reading »

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Exploring the Swamp

Hurricane Florence tore through in mid September, 2018 and it changed many features on the coast where it hit. That includes all of the places I go mudding. Today, I went out to explore a place I had not visited since the storm. Once I got there, I changed into my Tarzan thong so I … Continue reading »

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