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Mudpit Predicament clip release

This should be no surprise, since I just blogged about this misadventure. When I shoot a video like this, I am compelled to watch it because these scenes really excite me. While I’m perusing the video clips, I generally just start editing and before I know it, the edit is finished and I’m dashing out … Continue reading »

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Something Different

It was pretty warm and partly sunny, yesterday. I had recorded 4″ of rain in the past 3 days, so the swamp was surely flooded. I had been experimenting with some bondage and I wanted to try some crazy predicament stuff over the mud pit for a more grungy and raw look. The image on … Continue reading »

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New Stuck Clip

It’s not my usual clip, but it has some selling points. For one thing, the mud I get stuck in looks exactly like the ground around it. It gives no indication of the danger lurking there. Also, thanks to my boots, I actually did get stuck, and most of the struggle is genuine. There is … Continue reading »

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New Denim Shorts

I went for a paddle, yesterday, and I took my recently acquired denim shorts. Those of you who follow me on deviantArt may have seen a high resolution photo of me, wearing these shorts. I love the way they look on me. So, yesterday the tide didn’t get very low on the creek, but I … Continue reading »

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Thick, Deep Mud – clip release

Thick, Deep Mud – 2015-10-22 I have released the video from my misadventure on October 22. That was my first successful mudding trip in over 2 months, so I was really excited just to wriggle in the mud and submit myself to it’s embrace. Although you can’t see it, the feeling of the mud got … Continue reading »

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