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New Clip: Duct Tape Gagged

I was thinking of one of my fans (@TynanFox) when I packed a roll of duct tape with my gear to take into the swamp on April 18. I also shaved my mustache before I left. I didn’t know what to expect from the tide that day, and I was afraid I would arrive late. … Continue reading »

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Locating Mud (free video)

John Marsh went out exploring the forest, again on September 17. Here is a short video from his expedition. People often ask me how I find good places to sink. This video gives you a clue (like other exploring videos I’ve posted in the past). You can’t tell where you’re going to be able to … Continue reading »

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Navigating the Jungle

Today I went into the Croatan National Forest for a hike, and also to explore some swampy areas that could provide places for future videos. They are surrounded by poison ivy, but there is a small stream for cleanup, so maybe I can avoid the poison ivy enough that a prompt rinse in the creek … Continue reading »

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Still Photos from my Last Trip

On my most recent trip into the swamp (August 28), I shot some still photos on my way out and on my way back. I’m always resorting to still frames from video clips, and that is not a good way to get quality still images. It’s so nice to start with a 16 mega-pixel RAW … Continue reading »

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Mud-Pit Maintenance

Check out this PornHub video to see what fun I had, today, working on the mud pit. I stripped down to my jean cut-offs, grabbed a shovel, and headed into the woods to check the condition of the mud-pit and give it a stir. I ended up taking off my cut-offs and having fun. I … Continue reading »

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Expedition in Jean Cut-offs

The legs on my old jeans were falling apart, so I cut them off and did some tailoring to make some perfect fitting cut-offs. I love them and I just had to wear them on an expedition. I went out at low tide, this morning, but I knew I was being optimistic. The low tide … Continue reading »

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Swamp Expedition, Day 2

Thanks to the impending full moon, I got two days in a row with good low tides. I went out for a second consecutive day on July 14. It was a good trip, but I didn’t get much video, because a thunderstorm popped up just as I was setting up to shoot. I got some … Continue reading »

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