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Mostly Muddy

The weather was pretty good today. It was 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20C) and sunny. There was a strong gusty wind that gave me a bit of a chill. The low tide was amazing. It was low from the time I set out on the water until after I returned to my car. That was about … Continue reading »

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The weather forecast today was for rain and thunderstorms, but it was looking pretty safe around 10:00 this morning, and low tide was around 11:00. I figured I wouldn’t get time to play, but I wanted to have a look around and take a short stroll through the bog, if nothing else. The weather was … Continue reading »

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Well, I was optimistic, and the weather is really warming up fast. Today would be a perfect day to go mudding, if I were in any condition to get into the mud. Sadly, I am not. In my spring enthusiasm, I managed to get a serious case of poison ivy infection. My left leg is … Continue reading »

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Warmer Weather has Arrived

The weather has warmed significantly in the past 10 days. I ventured out, yesterday morning, to clear some log jams in the creek, and slog around a bit in boots and tight jeans. I wasn’t ready to dive into the bottomless mud and swim in the cool water to clean up, just yet. It wasn’t … Continue reading »

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