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A New Predicament Clip

After preparing the mud-pit and building a tripod over it, it was the perfect time to do a predicament bondage scene. Although this scene isn’t technically a predicament; it’s more like a slippery slope into a messy trap. The way this setup was supposed to work, my wrists would pull slack from the rope tied … Continue reading »

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Spring is Here!

Yesterday, and most of today, the weather was quite pleasant. However, as I write this, there is a cold front moving in, so we’re back to the cool, windy weather we expect from March. At least it’s now officially spring! So, I did some maintenance on the new mudpit in the woods, yesterday. I made … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Swamp Bondage

This one is getting a little old. I just got around to uploading it. Obviously, I shot it on February 11 when I was horsing around in the swamp on one of the first nice days we had. I was wearing a thong and trying some bondage ideas in the thick mud under an old … Continue reading »

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New Free Content

All of the new free videos are now on-line. I put them on the Video Teasers page. 2018-02-24 Coming Out-take is the muddy escape video from Feb 24’s death-by-quicksand scene 2018-03-16 Scouting from a Tree is a silly clip of me, in the woods and climbing a tree 2018-03-17 Dressed to Kill is a test … Continue reading »

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Lots of Free Stuff

I have not been back out to the mud, but I haven’t been stuck in the office, either. A few days ago, I went into the woods to shoot some video and tie myself to some trees. On that trip, I made a short video of me, climbing a tree. Yesterday, I decided I wanted … Continue reading »

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Another clean bondage clip

Our unseasonably warm February gave way to a more seasonable March. It’s been cool and windy so far. However, it was 65F (18C) on March 10, so I went into the woods, where I have protection from the wind, to shoot some bondage video. I recorded a couple of scenes, and I had a pretty … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Messy Masturbation

From my excursion on February 24 this year; this is the third and last clip. There isn’t much to say about this clip. I shamelessly take advantage of the warm sun and sloppy mud to pleasure myself. You can read the clip description on Clips4Sale or on The picture on the left pretty much … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Skirting Disaster

I have released the slogging clip from my recent expedition into the swamp in latex briefs. In this clip, I only sink up to my waist, and most of the time I don’t sink that deep. Instead, I work my way around the edges of the deep mud-hole, without allowing myself to get sucked in. … Continue reading »

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