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Quicksand movie!

The Quicksand! movie, shot on August 16 (see my previous blog entry) is now available in my male mud bondage Clips4Sale store. The promo image on the left pretty much says it all. This movie opens with a splash, and I’m immediately up to my neck in mud. From there, it’s pretty much a losing … Continue reading »

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2012-08-02 Mudding clip

I uploaded the short, and unusually scenic mud clip from my kayaking trip on August 2 when the tide didn’t cooperate so I only had a few minutes to play in the mud. This clip is for people who prefer to see me playing in the mud, without any crazy stunts or bondage. It is … Continue reading »

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There is nothing quite like jumping into soupy, bottomless mud, with a 35 pound lead weight in tow. I’m probably lucky I didn’t just go right under. This all started when I remembered, at the last minute, that I wanted to catch the low tide at 16:00, today. It was already 16:00 when I remembered. … Continue reading »

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The epic mud bondage movie

Well, I just did something I’ve never done before. I released a feature length clip. Well, it’s over an hour long, anyway. You can read more about it at my Clips4Sale store, but I have been collecting swamp bondage video since May. I didn’t want to release 4 videos that had very similar content, and … Continue reading »

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Really short sink

The moon was full and I was hoping for one last muddy adventure before the tides slipped into darkness. I expected an exceptionally low tide, but when I arrived at the water, I saw that the prospects were not good. Once I got out onto the water, I encountered a stiff wind, blowing up the … Continue reading »

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