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New Wallowing Clip

Silky Mud Wallow is comprised of scenes from two, separate trips out to Hunters Creek. The black mud along the shore is so smooth and has such a great consistency, it is really hard to resist, even though I am in plain site of any boats that might pass by. It’s a bit risky, but … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Treacherous (weighted) Self Bondage

This clip from July 2022 is long because the struggle was real. There isn’t really much to see in this clip, since I spend the vast majority of it, covered in mud. However, the audio is pretty hot, if you like this sort of scene. I know my moaning was getting me hot and bothered … Continue reading »

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New Slogging Clip

This clip contains much of what was in this vlog from April 23, last year. If you enjoyed that vlog, you’ll probably enjoy this clip. Although you’ve seen much of it before, the commercial clip is longer and full HD quality. I am wearing copper/bronze colored briefs with a front that really enhances my package. … Continue reading »

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