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Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

The last time we saw Tarzan he sank out of sight in a bog and we thought he was a goner. However, he was rescued by a band of natives who wanted the opportunity to torture him. This clip is the first trial to which Tarzan is subjected. He is stretched out over a muddy … Continue reading »

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Late April Adventure

Today was interesting. I was able to do some things I’ve never been able to do, before … without dying, that is. I also wore my new boy-shorts. I debated wearing something with less coverage, but, after reviewing the video, I’m happy I selected the boy-shorts. They look pretty good, and they look even better … Continue reading »

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Muddy Cocoon Clip

In case you missed it, I put the Muddy Cocoon clip on Clips4Sale and on Muddy Cocoon, 2018-04-13 See my write-up on the April 13 trip for more details.

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Testing Boy-Shorts

I’m not usually a huge fan of boy-shorts, but I got a good deal on these and they feel great. My only complaint is that they are super low cut, so they feel like they are riding down on my hips, sometimes. However, they move with me perfectly, they hug my curves, and they have … Continue reading »

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If at first you don’t succeed …

I have been trying to perfect a scene I first tried on March 20 called “A Sinking Predicament”. First, I had to clear the water from the pit and install a new hard-point at the bottom. The first video ended prematurely when the hard-point broke loose. Once I had the mud pit ready, and my … Continue reading »

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First of 3 New Clips

I recorded 3 clips when I went out on 4/13 (see blog entry). In case you want to save your money for your favorite, there is one where I attempt lying on a sheet of plastic on top of the mud and sink with the plastic wrapping around me and getting tangles in my legs. … Continue reading »

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New Self Bondage Clip

This is a pretty unique self bondage clip. It opens as I prepare the scene, set up the equipment and lock myself in. The computer commands the actuator to retract, which makes things pretty tight for me. The original plan was to be stuck there for 10 minutes, but a strange woman in boots walks … Continue reading »

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Friday the 13th Swamp Adventure

I was really busy, yesterday. By the time I got to the swamp, the tide was already very low. I was worried I wouldn’t have much time to play, and I had an idea I wanted to explore. My great idea was that I’d lay this sheet of plastic over the mud and climb into … Continue reading »

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New Messy Bondage clip

This is the scene we shot, yesterday. I was tied to a tree in my red and black latex briefs. My wrists were bound behind the tree, my shoulders were lashed to the tree, and my genitals were also tied to the tree. I couldn’t really move as my lovely assistant dumped thick, black mud … Continue reading »

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Warmer weather … again

I hate to keep declaring the opening of mud season, only to crawl back into my cozy den to hide from a cold snap, but here I go again. As we head into April, the days are definitely warming. Now, I need to wait for the low tide to favor mid-day on a warm day … Continue reading »

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