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Claypit Bondage (video)

The weather is warming up, fast! I spent some time landscaping around the new clay pit on Monday, after which I decided to have some bondage fun in the pit. I set up one camera to capture the action. Although the weather was mild, there was a cool breeze, and the clay was ice cold! … Continue reading »

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April 6, Excursion

It was a little bit chilly, thanks to a brisk wind. It was also a bit windy, for the same reason … (video removed, due to age and large file size … I was wearing blue, latex briefs and an orange kayak shirt, and video was mostly closeups as I slogged through algae covered swamp … Continue reading »

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Uncovering the new pit

Your browser does not support this feature. Use the download link, below. Download the MPEG4 clip Yesterday, I went out to uncover the new clay pit for the first time, and sink slowly into it’s gooey depths. I never fail to underestimate just how cold the mud can get! Above, you see highlights from the … Continue reading »

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