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“A Fate Worse Than Death” teaser

The clip we shot yesterday is called “A Fate Worse Than Death”. Here is the teaser for it. It is available on my Clips4Sale store, now! swamp_2011-05-30_teaser

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Andy’s movie

Heather Blake and I set out to shoot a movie clip for Andy, today. As with most swamp adventures, it was a bit grueling. Before we went out, Heather and I were both moaning about how hot it was, but I don’t remember being hot while we were out. That could have been because I … Continue reading »

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Claypit bondage

I ventured out to the clay again tonight. I took a couple of pictures before I got messy. I tried some bondage. It was interesting. I’ll let you know how the video turned out, once I have a chance to review it. This has been a crazy busy weekend, so far. I’m glad I get … Continue reading »

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Memorial Day weekend

Today was the first official day of the long weekend. It was kind of a lazy day for me. I picked blueberries and worked on a seat for my 15′ canoe. I took an afternoon nap, watered the garden, and took a walk in the woods at dusk. I managed to edit and compress a … Continue reading »

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Claypit revisited

I went for a short romp in the claypit Wednesday. Heather Blake took photos …

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Late night in the clay pit

I worked my tail off, all weekend. I had a major construction project that I’ve been putting off forever. I started working on it on Thursday, played catch up in the office on Friday, and tore into it Saturday morning, working all day Saturday, starting again on Sunday morning, and finishing just before dark, Sunday … Continue reading »

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Still frames/May 13 clip

These still frames were taken from the original video that I shot while working on the claypit. The video was shot on my JVC GZ-HM1 at 1920×1080 (60 fields/second).

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Claypit maintenance

In preparation for an upcoming shoot, I have been working to make the claypit a bit smaller and deeper, and to work in some sand, to take away some of the clay’s “gloopiness”. I don’t know how else to describe it. The clay coats everything and seems to repel water so that it is always … Continue reading »

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April 17 movie

The April 17 movie is now available in our male clips4sale store.  

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Official Start to Heather’s Mud Season

YAY!! I got into the mud a few days ago, when Mudbondage and I  were out in the swamp hoping for a good low-tide to use his favorite spot.  I wasn’t really prepared to get muddy, so I didn’t go in very deep… although it was deeper than I expected!  I got stuck!!  Luckily, he … Continue reading »

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New Mud-bondage video

I’ve added the video from the May 2 muddy selfbondage scene to my male clips4sale store. This clip is for those who like extreme/dangerous mud scenes with struggling and moaning … and genital torture. It probably won’t appeal to everyone, but I think it’s one of the hottest videos I’ve made in a long time. … Continue reading »

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Muddy selfbondage on May 2

Oh, gosh. The last time I did this, the camera wasn’t recording, so I didn’t get a video of the action. I set out on May 1st to do this, but the tide did not get low enough to use the spot that I have set up for bondage. I got an unexpected break in … Continue reading »

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Swamping on May 1, 2011

It was a very pleasant day, today. Heather Blake accompanied me into the swamp. My goal was to do some self bondage in the swamp and have Heather capture the scene on video. However, the tide did not get low enough for me to play in my swamp bondage spot. Heather and I still had … Continue reading »

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