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The Lichen Collector (new clip)

Last year, I collaborated with Fngibtm to make another mud movie. Fngibtm seemed to have a commercial interest in lichens which motivated him to wander around in the treacherous swamp to collect them. That provided a great segue for him to get stuck in some bottomless quickmud … and he did. The spot we selected … Continue reading »

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The Clay Pit

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I moved the clay to a deeper pit, this spring. Since then, I’ve done some bondage in the new pit, and I’ve dropped, head-first, into it, but yesterday was the first time I got really immersed in it. The photo on the top left shows how … Continue reading »

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Extended Mud Play

May 16 was a crazy day. After I had breakfast and watered the garden, I bicycled to where I launch my kayak to check the tide level. I found the tide to be pretty low, and it was still 45 minutes before low tide (according to the tide chart). I then bicycled to the store … Continue reading »

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Claypit Follies

On Sunday, after submitting to being hogtied for International Rope Day, I got up the nerve to do a head-first drop into the clay pit. I was a little apprehensive, since I had considered several scenarios of how the drop might play out. If the clay was too thick, I might hurt my neck. If … Continue reading »

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Swamping, again

Trips into the swamp have been few and far between, this spring. The weather has been highly uncooperative, to say the least. Well, today we had sun, and an afternoon low tide. That’s always a good combination. I headed out early, to be sure to catch whatever low tide I got, given that the strong … Continue reading »

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The Crossing

On April 10, I ventured out for a deep mud adventure. I shot a lot of video, although it didn’t all come out as well as I wanted. A lot of it was overexposed, and my ground camera wasn’t aimed very well. However, the tide was super low and I was able to play in … Continue reading »

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