Quicksand on Public Radio

Today, Radio Lab aired a story on the history of quicksand in American movies and culture. The “3 Questions” episode apparently first aired in March 2015. They do talk about the quicksand fetish community, but it was mostly about the rise and fall of quicksand scenes in American mainstream media, and that kids these days … Continue reading »

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Hurricane Florence

As I write this, I have had power in my home (other than my backup solar power) for less than one hour. I am using my phone for Internet access, and that has only been possible for about the last 30 minutes. If I had to sum up Florence in a word, it would be … Continue reading »

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Return from Minnesota

I have returned from my Minnesota vacation. It was a vacation in that I did not work in my office, but it definitely wasn’t restorative. The drive aggravated my back, my diet suffered, and my exercise routine was put on hold. I arrived home a couple days ago and my back is still pretty sore. … Continue reading »

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More Roadblocks

I just haven’t been able to get back to the swamp since June 16. I’ll be releasing that clip, sometime today. Between work and a health issue that just hit me like a sledge hammer one morning, I have cancelled 2 potential mudding trips. I did manage to pick up a 110 gallon tank for … Continue reading »

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No Mud, Today

2015-07-25: Yup, I went for a paddle at the time of low tide. I wasn’t expecting much because we got 2.5″ (~6 cm) of rain a couple of days ago. That fact, combined with a tepid tide and a wind pushing water up the creek, resulted in a low tide that just didn’t happen. It … Continue reading »

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Weekend in the Forest

In case you all think that I can’t leave the house without getting muddy, I thought I’d share some “action shots” from this past weekend in the national forest. I was with a small group, but most of them were out on the trails when I set up my GoPro to get some video clips. … Continue reading »

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Spotless Vacation

I’ve been away for a while. I was visiting friends in Minnesota. I was hoping to get muddy while I was up there, but I just didn’t have time to explore, or coordinate with any of the mudders I know up there. If I hadn’t been visiting a friend in Iowa, I might have gone … Continue reading »

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Tides and Tarzan photos

Although it was only 45 degrees, with a cold, northerly wind this morning, I wrangled Heather into taking a trip with me, deep into the swamp. Recently, I’ve been frustrated with my success in predicting low tides. The wind has been blowing from the South and the tides have been higher than usual. A couple … Continue reading »

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I love the water. I don’t just love gazing at it, I love being in it. I love being wet and I especially love being immersed in water. Today, I kidnapped Heather for an early morning escapade. The goal was to return to the cool  spot I found yesterday, before the tide got too high … Continue reading »

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