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New Clip: A Muddy End

This is the first clip from 2018-02-24. It was a pretty simple edit, and I haven’t had a full submersion clip in a long time, so I wanted to put it out there, first. This video was shot on my new camera. I makes me want to toss my old cameras in a mud hole. … Continue reading »

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First Submersion of 2018!

It was pretty nice today, and the low tide was near midday, which is a good thing this time of year. I took full advantage of what turned out to be a pretty short-lived low tide. I teased the mud for a while, walking along the perimeter of the bottomless mud and trying not to … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Bondage Video (clean)

Bound, Gagged and Abandoned, 2018-02-20 Oh my gosh, I had fun making this one. The entire exercise was designed as a practice run for my new assistant. However, I could not escape, the bondage was tight, and the rope around my genitals was making me so horny. Before my assistant gagged me, I told her … Continue reading »

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Unseasonably Warm Weather

Well, it hit 27C (81F), today. I think I got a little sunburn. This weather does not feel like February. I offered to help a friend with a deep-water recovery operation this morning, so I arrived at my creek a little late for low tide. I started out my day in my wetsuit, since I … Continue reading »

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Something different

Today, I did something different. As some of you may know by now, I have an assistant, which opens up some new possibilities.  I was tied between 2 trees while she poured cold, black mud over me. It was a warm day, but my mud pit was too cold for me to get immersed in … Continue reading »

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New Stuck Clip!

Finally, I have managed to publish a new swamp clip! This is the first of 3 clips from my February 11 expedition. I will be publishing a bondage clip, and an extraction and cleanup clip. I may just make a free video out of the extraction/cleanup video. In this video, I am walking through the … Continue reading »

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Early season mudding

The weather has been milder, of late, and today was rather nice, so I ventured out for a muddy adventure in the swamp. I was thinking the mud would be really cold, so I wore jeans. As it turned out, the mud wasn’t that bad; especially for February. I did shoot video, but I did … Continue reading »

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