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New Exploring Clip!

I don’t know why I picked this one to edit first. I hadn’t really done anything with the video from this trip, and there is at least 30 minutes of good video, so I picked some of it for an exploring clip and assembled it into something around 12 minutes. This clip is from my … Continue reading »

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Building Bridges

I got off to a late start, again today. I’ve just been busy and some of my swamp trips (including the one I took, today) take 4+ hours and leave me totally exhausted. Today’s trip was special, in that I took some scrap lumber and tools with me to mend my broken “bridge”. That didn’t … Continue reading »

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Horny in the Swamp

I almost didn’t get out, today. The week got off to a busy start, and I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. I probably shouldn’t have left work early today, and I hadn’t had much to eat since Saturday because I’ve had no desire to eat, but I gathered my gear and … Continue reading »

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Detours and Late Starts

On Tuesday morning, August 9, I was focused on some application development at work. I didn’t wrap up as early as I wanted, and then I had to get lunch and walk my dog. I left for the river about 30 minutes later than I had hoped, and then disaster struck! My launch on the … Continue reading »

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The New Guy’s First Day

I finally got to meet the new guy and take him to one of my favorite spots to get immersed in some smooth, slippery, treacherous, swamp mud. Apparently it’s also physically demanding. I shot very little video, because I planned to just show the new guy around for a while, and forego the video documentation. … Continue reading »

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