New Clip: Duct Tape Gagged

Posted by on April 20, 2024

I was thinking of one of my fans (@TynanFox) when I packed a roll of duct tape with my gear to take into the swamp on April 18. I also shaved my mustache before I left. I didn’t know what to expect from the tide that day, and I was afraid I would arrive late. As it turned out, I was a little late, but the tide was very low and I had an excellent window for playing in the mud and shooting some clips.

The tape-gagged clip was the second clip I shot. I haven’t ever wrapped duct tape all the way around my head, so that was a new experience. I made 3 wraps around my head and over my mouth, which made a very strict and secure gag. There was no way I could even breathe through my mouth. I must admit, that the tightness and strictness of the gag turned me on. I think this would have been really fun if I had someone else to tie me up and push me into the mud.

After I set up 2 cameras and got my wrists tied behind my back, I just stepped into a pool of mud that I knew had no bottom. What was I thinking? Well, those are the risks I take to bring my fans amazing swamp videos.

If the mud hadn’t developed a pool of water around me (this is pretty common), I might have been able to go all the way under with my mouth taped and my wrists tied, but I just didn’t want to risk snorting muddy water up my nose in such a compromised position, so I stopped sinking when the mud/water reached my nose. The sinking stopped there, but I added a few additional bits to the video, after I had freed my wrists, while I was removing the duct tape, and finally my muddy crotch after I was completely free.

I hope there are some others who get off on tape gags. It would suck to have sacrificed my mustache and gone to all this trouble for $6. Check out the teaser and please consider supporting my efforts. It’s not all fun and games, ya know. Tape Gagged and Sinking, 2024-04-18

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