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A Nice Day for the Claypit

I’ve been task switching like crazy this week. It’s the end of my company’s fiscal year, I do payroll for 2 organizations, one of my clients wants a bunch of updates on their system, and I have a web application that needs updating and testing by January 1. This afternoon, when the sun was threatening … Continue reading »

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New Outdoor Bondage Video

The weather has been incredibly mild, but it just keeps raining, so the creek remains flooded on the few days when it’s not raining and there is a low tide during daylight hours. However, I can still take advantage of the warm weather to shoot in the woods when it’s not raining. Clips4Sale wants me … Continue reading »

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Still Alive!

In case anyone was worried, I haven’t been eaten by an alligator. I have been tied up in the woods, but not for an inordinately long period of time. I’ve been busy, and these short days don’t leave much of a window for sinking. We have had warm weather, but it will be Friday next … Continue reading »

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