Swamping in Jeans & Boots

2014-02-14 Swamping in Jeans & Boots

Because this clip was recorded in a dramatically different style than any clip I’ve ever produced, before, I feel a trailer/preview is important. This clip was shot mostly using a body rig and a POV camera (wide field of view). You can find the writeup for this event in my blog. You can purchase the full video from my Clips4Sale store.

Download the MPEG4 clip

2 Responses to Swamping in Jeans & Boots

  1. Dolphin

    An interesting video using your new piece of equipment because it showed some of the potentials for future adventures. The sharpness and clarity of the picture is outstanding.
    I can envision some fascinating views both front and back in a thong or other sorts of briefs…the purple brief, in particular…and should you choose to show us more sex adventures, some truly great views of some jo in the mud.

    I’m wondering if this equipment would work for any bondage and mud adventures…I’m thinking perhaps not…or in rather limited ways.

  2. mudbondage

    I’ll definitely be wearing less, when it gets warmer; not that the jeans and boots were any protection from the cold, once they were soaking wet. I suppose I’ll be learning what I can do with that camera for a while. I do have some ideas for bondage clips, and also for total immersion scenes. When it’s warm enough for me to take my time, I’ll also be running a second, more traditional camera.
    You are right, in that the possibilities for just laying back in the mud with the camera hovering over and pointed down at my crotch are pretty ripe. I sure hope we don’t have 6 more weeks of this winter.
    Thanks for the comment.

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