New Struggling Clip

Struggling in a hot dungeon, wearing only a tiny PVC brief and a mouth-filling gag. In this clip I am practically suspended by my wrists with my genitals/crotch rope tied to the wall behind me. The struggle is real. About half way through, my legs are bound together and my wrists are pulled even tighter. I am sweating profusely and I can’t stop drooling. I’ll admit, the bondage is too restrictive for me to move around, but I work my hips as much as I can and my legs too, especially before they are bound together at the knees and ankles. I guess I was dancing around too much.

Here is the link to the full clip in my clip store: Struggling in a Hot Dungeon

Horny Bondage

This scene would have made a great video, but it’s not worth setting up video cameras and editing when so few people want to buy my videos. Every once in a while I think I have a great idea, I record it, spend an hour or so editing it, spend another 30 minutes putting it in my clip store and promoting it, then nothing happens. It’s easier just to shoot a few still images and post those. Of course, I’m not going to post the 24MP versions; that would be silly.

In the first part of this scene, my arms were stretched out very tightly. The knots where the ropes were tied to my leather cuffs were right there, but I couldn’t even turn my wrists, much less reach the knots. My genitals were roped to the wall behind me and that was a major tease. I was sweaty, drooling and barely able to move. My red, PVC briefs couldn’t cover my enthusiasm.

In the second arrangement, my wrist cuffs were tied to the left wall and my genitals were still tethered to the eye bolt at the center of the back wall. My ankles were also still roped together. That was not as tight as the first setup. It was a chance to come down while still unable to touch myself, so I had to tug on my crotch ropes for stimulation.

I was a sweaty mess by the time it was over. Like I said, it would have made a great video.

New Self Bondage Clip

This self bondage scene did not end as planned, but I did manage to get free in time to masturbate to orgasm on camera. Between the locking wrist cuffs, the secure hip harness and loops of rope around my genitals, and the huge gag, I am hopelessly stuck for the expected 15 minutes, but then, after my wrists are “released”, I find I can’t quite reach what I need to free myself, so I have a rather animated struggle to free myself. After I’m freed and I unwrap some of the really tight ropes around my crotch, I tether myself to the wall (very short scene), and masturbate myself to orgasm.

Here is the link to the full clip: Self Bondage Dilemma with Happy Ending

This clip features perfect audio and two very good camera angles. In terms of production quality, this one is probably a 9 out of 10. I probably could have used a 3rd camera, but I wasn’t sure how this scene would turn out and whether I’d even want to publish it. I hope you like it.

p.s. The number of clips I sell directly impacts how many new clips I publish. Please consider purchasing a clip, if you enjoy my scenes.

New Strict Bondage Clip

Red Speedo, Red Ballgag, Tight Crotchrope, Barefeet, Ankles bound and helplessly stretched out by the wrists. John
Marsh is extremely vulnerable. He has no hope of escaping. When he struggles, he tugs on the rope that is splitting his balls and crushing his genitals.

Strictly Stretched, 2024-05-20

New Clip: Self Bondage Orgasm

Self Bondage Makes Me Horny! is a self bondage clip, complete with self tying, struggling, escape, and an on-camera orgasm. In the first scene, I am gagged, my genitals are roped to one wall and my elbow cuffs are roped to the opposite wall. My ankles are also pulled away from where my genitals are tied. It was a very horny struggle, and after my on-camera escape, I tie myself up again, and again before I take out my cock and stroke myself to orgasm. I am so horny by the time I am finished with my self bondage scenes, it doesn’t take long to cum.

The moaning in this clip is mostly happy moaning. Except for when I am struggling to free the keys so I can unlock my handcuffs, I’m just having a good time. I’m legitimately stuck, but I like that kind of thing, and it shows in this clip. It would make me happy if you enjoy this clip half as much as I enjoyed making it. I am sad that I cannot make more of these, but I just don’t have time to edit and promote clips like this because they just don’t sell. If you want me to make more, please consider purchasing one or two of my clips.

Human Bowstring Experiment

Here is a free short from a concept bondage I’m still working on. To get the look I really want, I’m going to have to give my wrists and ankles a little more slack, so I can arch backwards more. My vision is to get a deeper, backwards arch. It turned out alright, but I only set up one video camera, so I don’t really have enough video to make an interesting clip.

New Clip: Sadistic Suspension

This clip is a torturous setup in tiny, tight, blue jean cutoffs. I (John Marsh) am roped into a tight, teasing hip harness that, combined with the tight jeans, forms a ball crushing, ball splitting harness that is also tied around the base of my genitals. I am gagged, my wrists are cuffed to the base of the wall in front of me in locking, leather cuffs and my ankles are tied to both sides of the dungeon. The winch cable is clipped onto the stem of my torturous hip harness so the winch can lift me off the floor, leaving me hanging upside down and moaning through my mouth filling gag.

I am raised and lowered and raised again. There is absolutely nothing I an do to escape, or convince my tormentor not to leave me hoisted in the air by the harness that is crushing my balls. Check out the teaser, below, and please, please consider supporting my efforts. Yes, I do enjoy doing these scenes, but editing and promoting clips takes time.

Purchase link: Sadistic Suspension, 2024-04-13