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Hot Weather and Low Tides

I usually get my best low tides around the full moon and the new moon. I was not disappointed yesterday when I went out to take a dip in some really deep mud to beat the heat. I didn’t shoot much video, partly because I didn’t really want to mess with the camera, and partly … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Red G-String

Check out the clip in my clip store. I paddled out to my spot on Hunters Creek on June 7. I spent the night in the forest and paddled back the next day. I shot this video in a red, latex g-string. The video opens as I am getting out of my boat. I played … Continue reading »

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New Clip in my Red Speedo

I went back for a 3rd day in the swamp on June 3, 2024. I shot two videos and played in the mud until the tide came back in. It actually a pretty long low tide. I got a lot of sun over the course of 3 swamp trip in 3 days, but I managed … Continue reading »

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Just a Vlog for 6/2

I got a heck of a workout today, and too much sun. I’m going to bed early. Some day, there might be a video from this trip, but I’m not too sure. In spite of my efforts, I don’t think I really got anything interesting. Then again, I might just be really tired. p.s. I’m … Continue reading »

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By Request: Shower Frames

Here are some frames from the 4k video shot on May 27, by request. I could make better quality images if I plan a photo shoot, but 4k video is pretty good resolution. Click on an image to download it.

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New Swamp Clip in Denim Short-shorts

Treacherous Mud in Denim features a muddy struggle in the swamp, wearing tiny denim short-shorts, a whilte crop-top t-shirt and my hat. I get mired down to my crotch shortly after leaving my kayak. I sink deep enough to get my shorts muddy before I extract myself and the camera gets a good shot of … Continue reading »

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