What about the Community?

Let’s discuss what it’s going to take to make this community a success, a resource for the mud community, and fun for everyone.

A Weekend of Mudding

I went out to the swamp on May 4 and May 5. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for it. I hosted @Tannerquicksand (on X) in my swamp. The first day we went out, I took him out to Hunters Creek, which is a 2.5 mile paddle. We lost a lot of time on … Continue reading »

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First of Summer Update

Today is the first day of summer. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the wilderness; although not so much in the swamp, since the tides have been unworkable for mud. I still have a few videos to edit and release, but I haven’t been editing much. It’s easier for me to shoot because … Continue reading »

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Social Media

Twitter is looking like a dumpster fire these days, so I’ve been investigating Mastodon. I set up an account to evaluate it (I’m still on Twitter as @mudbondage, and I’m still checking it on a semi-regular basis, for now). Mastodon is a distributed system and anyone can set up a server. I’m actually thinking of … Continue reading »

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Patreon Launch

I’ve created another way for fans to support my work. Pledging a monthly donation to my Patreon page won’t really get you anything special. If you’re purchasing my clips, you’re already supporting my work. I really created the Patreon page for people who also enjoy my work in other places (e.g. DeviantArt) and want to … Continue reading »

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PornHub is Finis

That’s all there is to say. I finally deleted all of my videos from PornHub and requested that my account be removed. That means all the PornHub links in this blog are now broken. I’ll try to remove them as time allows. PornHub rejects videos for arbitrary reasons. I don’t spend my time making a … Continue reading »

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PornHub Update

PornHub removed another of my videos. This time it was a video with my anal hook and they removed it for “Bodily Harm”. I’m more than a little annoyed, since the anal hook was custom made for my body and there was nothing dangerous about that scene. I’m not going to contest it like I … Continue reading »

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This Could be the End of Another Experiment

Update: PornHub has re-instated the video and apparently they are auditing a lot of content that they had taken down, so there is hope. Update 2: PornHub removed my recent anal-hook video for “Bodily Harm”, even though I was not harmed at all and it was really quite safe. I’m done with PornHub. I edited … Continue reading »

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Bank Censorship FYI

Just FYI, the quicksand videos are disappearing from my store as each one gets flagged for featuring an actor dying. Today, my Oct 4, 2019 video (“Far Off the Beaten Path”) was removed. A month ago it was “Left to Die”, which had a pretty damning title from a time when these rules didn’t apply. … Continue reading »

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Clip Releases

Just a reminder to check my Clip Store for updates. There was a clip released last Friday and there will be a new one tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. I intend to schedule yet another clip for a week from tomorrow. The weather has taken a decisive turn towards fall. I’m expecting a pretty chilly night, … Continue reading »

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In case anyone is curious, I have deleted my photos, videos and my profile from UMD.net. That was the obvious starting point for my “downsizing”, since I’ve never felt very welcome there. Recently, I discovered that even the person there with whom I thought I had developed a rapport over the past 20 years was … Continue reading »

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Maybe it’s Time to Fold ’em

Well, sales are down, my hopes for getting some help keep getting dashed, and interest in this blog seems to be waning. I had been thinking this would be my last year for making videos. I had a few new ideas, some of which I could do alone, and some that would require assistance. I’ll … Continue reading »

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My Date with the Surgeon

Sorry, there are no photos to go with this post. I had my consultation with the doctor, today. They did a complete checkup on me and evaluated the condition of my nerves to be sure I had no nerve damage/blockage. After X-rays and a physical exam, they concluded that surgery was not needed and that … Continue reading »

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Biding my Time Before Surgery

I’ve got a consult scheduled for next week with a surgeon, regarding my back. In the mean time, I’m just trying to avoid further injury and keep in shape. In this video, I’m doing some pull-ups, while waiting for my laundry to dry. It’s not a great video. Just a status update. I hope you … Continue reading »

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Well, I finally got around to creating a profile at deepsinkingguyz.yooco.org and I found, in the forum there, that DeepSinkingGuyz had moved again. This time, I guess it was moved to Deepsinkingguyz.socialparadox.com. I probably shouldn’t comment on how I feel about this, since it took me 2 months to create a new profile and within … Continue reading »

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The Documentary, Finally!

Well, I finally finished my “Making of a Mud Movie” movie. I left out the parts about editing, uploading, and promoting a mud video, because those things are just tedious. The documentary clip almost plays like a “best of” clip, since I used so many bits from my huge collection of mud video, although those … Continue reading »

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