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Swamping, April 27

What a trip! The wind was blowing out of the north this morning, which is very unusual this time of year. We had a cold front coming in, but it was still quite warm and sunny. So, with the wind blowing the water out of the estuary, I had an exceptionally low tide that lasted … Continue reading »

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April 20 Free Movie Clip

I added a new, free movie clip from my most recent outing on April 20. You can find the clip here. I had to keep it short (about 3 minutes), but I tried to include the best parts. Sorry about the wind noise. There just wasn’t enough time to mess with a separate microphone. Please … Continue reading »

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Swamping, April 20

I went out to the swamp again today. It’s amazing what a difference 3 days can make in the tide. I had an awesome low tide on Tuesday (April 17), and today, the low tide barely happened. I was still expecting the tide to go out for another 30 minutes when it turned around and … Continue reading »

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Swamp update, April 18

I went out swamping yesterday. We’re experiencing spring tides (big tides associated with the new and full moon), and the weather is unseasonably warm. I arrived at the swamp a little before the tide was all the way out, but it was already very low. What is really exciting is that the tide stayed low … Continue reading »

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Swamping in Latex

I went out on March 30, 2012, with Heather Blake and a new pair of latex briefs. I asked Heather to shoot video, while I exercised the new latex in some thick mud. The mud I selected was just deep enough for me to pump my legs and sink up to my waist before the … Continue reading »

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