2012-03-15 Swamping

2012-03-15 Swamping

This teaser is for the video I shot while playing in the swamp on March 15. The full version is available on Clips4Sale in 1280×720 resolution! (available now)

Download the MPEG4 clip

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3 Responses to 2012-03-15 Swamping

  1. Sean A.

    LOVE your stuff, Doug. I’m a fellow North Carolinian, but farther west. It seems I’ve been talking to a friend of yours by the name of Brian – another great mud lover. I’m awaiting my own mud-play season, which starts when the weather gets real hot & sunny – enough to warm the top layer of clay at my quarry. Cant wait to get it all over me again!

  2. mudbondage

    Thanks, Sean. I hope you rendezvous with your clay soon!

  3. googlepo

    It is the second entry I read tonight. Thank you.

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