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Nowhere to Turn (clean bondage clip)

This clip is just awesome. I wish someone had poured mud over my face, just to make it even better! I shot this with 3 cameras and I got some great angles. Every camera was set for perfect focus and exposure. That, in itself, doesn’t make a great video, but combine 3 perfect perspectives with … Continue reading »

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New Archery Wardrobe

So, I love to shoot archery videos because they are fun to edit. Maybe, I’ll get tired of shooting them, someday, but I saw this top and decided I had to have it for my next archery video. The top arrived in the mail, today, so I took a few photos to show off my … Continue reading »

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Muddy Pleasures now in C4S store

Here is a link: Muddy Pleasures, 2017-05-22 Apparently C4S had a bug, and they wanted to fix it before I re-uploaded the clip. It is all set up, now. Sorry about the delay.

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New video: Muddy Pleasures

You can see a trailer for this video in my UMD store. Just go to the UMD store page and click the red “Trailer” button under the price. I thought Hennie would like this one, but I think he is waiting for me to go into the swamp with the new thong he bought me. … Continue reading »

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New video: Flirting with Disaster

See my previous post for more details on this trip. You can find this video on Clips4Sale and in my UMD store. In a nutshell, I start out wearing a white, cropped T-shirt and wet-look black briefs. I play on the edge of the deep mud for a while and remove the T-shirt. I work … Continue reading »

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Back to the Swamp!

I’ve been having trouble catching a low tide, lately. I’ve gone to the creek, expecting a low tide on several occasions, only to find that the tide was stuck on medium-high. Not today! Today, I arrived just before 09:00. The tide level was pretty low and it was still going out. It was still high … Continue reading »

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New Briefs (free video)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a clothing fetish. I love form fitting, tiny briefs; especially when they are black and shiny. I recently discovered some new briefs that fit like a glove and feel great. I am not quite ready to get them muddy, but I wanted to shoot some … Continue reading »

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Mud Bath

I put on my latex to do some mud pit maintenance. The mud pit in the woods is turning out to be a lot of work. I need to find a lot more mud to fill it, and I’m working to improve the texture of the mud that is in it. On May 4, I … Continue reading »

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New clip: A Messy Tease

This is the 2nd clip from April 22. In this one, I find myself hanging by my ankles and my genitals over the mud. If I don’t want to hang by my tender parts, I must hold myself up between my ankles and my wrists, but my wrists continue to sink deeper into the mud … Continue reading »

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