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Clay pit shenanigans

What can I say? It’s been hot. I took advantage of the convenient pit of clay in my back yard. It was messy, but it was good. That stuff is so thick, it’s like glue. I got a strenuous workout, and got cooled off at the same time! Actually, I think I pulled a muscle … Continue reading »

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4rth of July clip

The 4rth of July Climax in the Swamp video is now available. It features some muddy feet in the beginning, some short muddy crotch shots and muddy butt shots, then there is a long, slow sink. I had to work my way down about one millimeter at a time. I sink to the point where … Continue reading »

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Inversion in Mud

Cleaning up after yesterday’s experience got me to thinking. I’ve been doing this total immersion, and inverted immersion for a long time. I’ve had a few problems with mud getting into places where it does not belong. Going under while inverted is particularly hazardous to the sinuses. You can keep mud out of your ear … Continue reading »

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More swamp bondage

My last trip into the swamp left me lusting for a repeat performance. I’ve been pretty busy, but the new moon was tomorrow and my window of opportunity was about to pass. The wind seemed to be shifting from the south to the southwest and even all the way to the west at times. The … Continue reading »

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2012-07-14 Swamp Bondage

I have been wanting to do some bondage in the mud for the past month. Today was a very nice day for an outing. The tides was not really low, thanks to a moderately strong wind out of the south. However, I don’t need a really low tide to play in the woods, so it … Continue reading »

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The July 1 movie

So, there I go contradicting myself, again. I thought the next movie would be the July 4 movie, but I had completely forgotten about the July 1 movie, which was pretty short (about 7 minutes) and easy to throw together. I’m pretty sure the July 4 movie will be the next one out of the … Continue reading »

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Heather Blake returns, and other news

First let me say that I’ve released the new Heather Blake movie in our Damsels clip store. Having said that, I must confess that I’m way behind in movie editing. I’ve still got some mud bondage video that I shot in May which hasn’t been released. The video I shot on July 4 is pretty … Continue reading »

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July 4 mudding

Conditions were very good for swamping on July 4. We had a full moon, so we had a very low astronomical tide a few hours before sunset. It turns out that the wind was also cooperative, so the tide really was low, and it stayed low for a long time. The bad news was that … Continue reading »

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HB Rides Again!

The critters in the swamp don’t frighten Heather Blake. I found her, sauntering about the swamp in a silver bikini, yesterday. I took the photo on the left just before she wandered off into the mud. Of course, I shot video of everything I could. Eventually, she crossed a deep sluice of mud and disappeared … Continue reading »

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A rather short excursion

It was really hot today. I drug my feet and got out to the swamp towards the end of low tide. As it turned out, there was also a storm moving in, so I had to do a quick in and out. Biting flies are a bitch on a normal day, but in the hour … Continue reading »

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